Wednesday, June 7, 2017

At the last minute

I finished one final doll outfit for Nora.
I would have finished more but this one was time consuming!
Of course as I was nearly finished I found no buttons for the jacket
(I have jars and jars of buttons but none small enough for this)
so I had to make yet another trip to Joanns!
Nora's Mother is quite a good cook so I thought a chef's outfit appropriate.

I've also been working on assembling all those nine patches into bigger nine patches!

When you are just randomly picking up a block from either blue or green they
sometimes look a bit ugly!
Put together they begin looking pretty good.
This is a good project for when I'm slightly tired but still want to sew.

I've made more trips to doctors in the past two weeks than I care to think about!
I had to go back to primary care as I found a tick imbedded in my back.
And it had a big red rash around it!
Double EEK!
Ticks carry some nasty diseases, the worst of which is Lyme disease.
I have never had a reaction to a tick bite before so the doc and I decided we would both feel better if she looked at it even though Missouri is not known to have many cases of Lyme.
I don't have it either, which is good news and I will take Benadryl until the itching stops.
The strange thing is I have no idea where it came from as I have been staying inside, 
so either Quinn or Ethan brought it into the house. 

After that appointment I went shoe shopping~ always a dismal event~ I wanted some
cute summer sandals.
Apparently, the shoe manufacturers and I have differing opinions on what makes a cute shoe!
After that I stopped at my local Quilt shop, Quilter's Station!
This fabric followed me home!

A few fat quarters that will hopefully find their way into a Lucy Boston quilt in the near future.

In the morning I'm off to San Diego, CA for a few days with Steve, Candice and Nora!
Quinn is staying at her BFF's (Zoe, Beth's Golden)house.
Where she is sure to have good time!
I'm leaving fairly early so she's gone already-it's way to quiet without her!
Also, I will miss taking her to the dog beach!

More tomorrow from the West coast!

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Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Oh my hat is off to you. I tried making doll clothes a few years back and decided to just stick with quilting! :)

I pulled a tick off of my son not too long ago and we were not sure where he got it either! He had been at a friends, a bonfire sort of thing recently, so we just assumed it came from there.