Monday, March 27, 2017

Such a BAD blogger!

I know, I know, I have been a very bad blogger!  
Just really haven't had anything to say.  
The end of winter when will Spring finally get here blahs, I guess.

Second check on the eyes showed them improving and healing nicely.
I still have trouble reading small print or things without great contrast, but I am able to read smaller print and do some things without a magnifying glass.
Daylight sayings time set me back,
as it always does. 
 Disrupts my sleep SO much I have a hard time resetting the body clock.

I have been busy in the studio though.
I finished both the red and black flannel rag quilts-thank goodness.
Such a slippery mess.
I love using flannel for quilt backs.
Just adds that extra punch of comfort,
but I don't ever want to do another full flannel quilt.

I also pieced the "H" blocks in the top photo.
Tomorrow I hope to lay them out there are multiple blocks in each color.

I've also made a few more blocks on the Splendid Quilt.
I want to do one each day-all blue and white.

Lastly, I finished an "I Spy" snowball quilt for Ethan.
Apparently, he is quite taken with the jet planes!
He did tell me that there were "kitties" on it though.
It was fun and quick to make.

I spent this afternoon cleaning and re-arrangling the studio.
I have both sewing machines set up now!
Plus things are orderly.
It had gotten so that I couldn't find anything-including space to work!

I nearly have the garage organized!
It won't really be finished until after the city-wide garage sale the first of June.
Anything that doesn't sell gets given away after that.
I have been looking at everything with a view to meeting my goal of a
fifty percent reduction in the stuff I own.
I sorted out quite a bit when I unpacked but I'm looking at things again.
When I leave this house I want no more than will fit in my truck!

Traveling light from here on out.

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a good yarn said...

The blogging blahs get us all. Your H blocks are looking good as are the blue/white blocks. Ethan's eye spy quilt is adorable and I'm sure he'll have fun finding all the different things. Daylight savings ends here soon and I'll be glad to see the back of it. Must feel good to have the studio set up and organised. That garage has been a labour of love and it seems as those you nearly have it licked!