Saturday, November 26, 2016

On being an adult.

Which I am not!  Or at the very least I've had a really hard time returning to adultness after the trip!

I have been busy, but really that's no excuse.

After, looking for a place to rent and not finding anything available any time soon I took to the internet in search of a house to buy.  (Truthfully, I asked the Universe to slam a door on renting or buying as I couldn't decide which to do!  Pros and Cons to each option.  No rentals available was that door being slammed.)  I looked at several-it's surprising how many houses are built with the same floor plan so if you don't like that lay out you can eliminate them really quickly!  I did find one I really liked and the people accepted my offer!  We are hoping to close on Dec. 16th so I should be in before Christmas.  I doubt that any of my trees come out for the holiday though-bummer.  As soon as I'm in I'll post photos.

Quinn and I moved out of Ceili and put her into storage in the caves after emptying nearly everything out.  I can never remember what is and isn't in there after the winter, then I end up with duplicates!  So,  I'll just put together totes for trips out in her until I sell her.  I don't anticipate any long trips in her ever again-it just isn't comfortable.  We are living at an Extended Stay hotel in the city.  It's nice enough and is certainly bigger than Ceili although not much more comfortable!  I can set up my sewing machine at least and finished my Secret Santa gift for Chookblues swap-Santa picked it up yesterday!  Today, I plan to quilt A Stitch in Nine.  I think I have to go to storage and look for the binding though (and pick up the rag quilts to work on next.)  Sometimes my life seems to be all about taking and retrieving things from storage!

Also, today I have to hit the bookstore for a detailed Missouri Map (Quinn and I need to take some backroad adventures!) and Ethan's birthday book!  Hoping for blinders so I don't see any books I really want to buy!  I have so many books, even though I donated a great many I still need to do more.

Guess, I'm off to try this adulthood thing again!


a good yarn said...

There's plenty happening in your life right now. You'll be more comfortable once settled in your new home. At least you are sewing! I'm doing very little but that's okay. After Christmas when I have some time off I hope to make a start on quilting the quilt tops I have. Hey, I saw Santa yesterday! Must have been on his way to the lucky recipient of your swap goodies.

Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck being an adult again..........hope the house settles quick and easy for you............