Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Musings


I may have found my new home!  I still want the local children to take a look (if they want) but I'm pretty sure I will make an offer on it.  In the meantime I have to move out of Ceili and into extended stay.  I wan't Ceili to be empty when I put her into storage because I can't remember what's in her and wants not and I can't get into her once she's in the caves!  So I packed some boxes-what goes to storage, what goes with me?

I went to see Dr Mac, the eye doctor.  Eyes dilated and I'm still in shock.  The cataracts are "ripe"!  In April she wan't "impressed" by them and now they are ready.  I need to get moved first as I can't lift much after so I'm to see her again in January.  Surgery will likely be in February.  My right eye first then the left one two weeks later.  Lazer surgery and multifocal implants.  I have been wearing glasses since I was 12 it will be interesting to not wear them!  Still I will never have 10 year old eyes again and I might need some readers.

My eyes are still messed up so I need to get off here.

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a good yarn said...

That was quick! When I went house-hunting (many years ago) I looked at 65 different properties. You'll be having eye surgery just before my Dad has his. I trust that it all goes well. It will be strange not to wear glasses after all that time.