Saturday, September 5, 2015

Montana Adventure Day 22

Up and about early, Quinn and I had another lovely walk along the creek.  This time passing three other small lakes and speaking with a nice bird-watching gentleman who identified the long-legged white birds I'd seen as egrets. I love the whole crane family but especially the Great Blue Heron-love those long legs hanging out there as they fly and their patience for fishing.  I mentioned to him that I had seen a loon on another of the lakes.  They are fun to watch dive and are rarely seen either here or there.   Breakfast, then a quick cleanup of the trailer.

Jim and Molly (his chow-chow/aussie mix) came to pick Quinn and me up for a jaunt up to Estes Park .  About an hours drive from Denver up into the mountains.  There was a bald eagle flying over the lake-so special since they were on the brink of extinction.  Now we see them more and more often everywhere there is water.  Sadly, I doubt many other folks noticed him riding the thermals that day.  Our family vacationed here for many years, had a second home here, and my parents lived here(actually I'm the only one to never live here!), so for us Estes is family.  I haven't been many times in the past few years but we went up to see the things that had changed-and boy have they!  We had great parking karma and scored a spot almost as soon as we got there!  I wanted to find hoodies for the grandkids-and Estes is the spot for all things touristy.  Jim kept the dogs outside the first shop while I bought hoodies and they had tons of attention from all the folks walking by.  Both of them were on really good behavior.  The next two shops we went into had signs in the windows "Dogs Welcome"  so they went in with us.  The shops had water bowls and treats!  Quinn, of course, turned her nose up at the milk bone.  Picky girl, spoiled girl!  We had lunch at a small Mexican place with a patio so the girls could stay with us-after a while they settled down took and all the attention as their due while we ate.  Then we drove around all the places that we once new o-so well and started home down a different route.

While we did not attend, this weekend was the reunion for Long's Peak climbers.  Both Jim and I have been up Long's Peak, and yes that's me. On top. A very long time ago.
Jim took a turn in the road through Ward, Co.  Tiny place, I'd never been there I don't think.  We continued along a road-all downhill, I mean ALL DOWNHILL.  Cyclists coming up were putting their feet down.  Neither on of us had ever been down this road but it turned out to be Left Hand Canyon Road, isn't that a great name?  Once we came out somewhere we recognized it was off to Denver again.  A stop by the trailer to feed Quinn and pick up the truck and we were off to Jim's for fun time in his back yard, then Dinner.

The Smoke wasn't too bad up in Estes but when we returned to Denver we couldn't even see the foothills.  Denver is notorious for inversions and horrid air quality but even on really bad days you can see the foothills!  The smoke was dense enough to filter the sun as well, really bad.  (and there are no fires in Colorado.)

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a good yarn said...

Our eagle equivalent is the wedge tail eagle and to see one in the wild is quite special. I also love the big black cockatoos. Change seems to be happening everywhere these days but you seem to have found a few familiar sights. That smoke really has travelled. Just goes to show how the air currents move I guess. Not surprised Quinn and Molly were the centre of attention.