Friday, September 4, 2015

Montana Adventure Day 21

First up this morning, well after tea and breakfast, was a long walk for Quinn and I.  We found a lovely trail that we could access from our campground and that went for miles and miles-we only walked for about 45 minutes.  It has been unusually hard to find decent places to walk for any distance so we really enjoyed this one.  Geese on the lakes, and lawns, a deer peaking out of the trees, ducks on the creek.  Very peaceful.  We'll be going back!

I have a love/hate relationship with GPS.  Last night it took me directly to my campground, no problem.  Getting to my brother's was not so easy.  Get off on one exit, get back on going the same way.  No factoring in the fact that it was (poor timing on my part) rush hour!  I got there because I know enough about Denver to be dangerous and have been to my brother's several times so I have a "fix" for his location in my head.  I fought Samantha all the way though!  Today, my brother needed to work and my sister-in-law had work and then a girls weekend wine tasting trip (no one knew in advance I'd be in Denver), so I decided to go quilt shop hopping!  Because I'm in a part of the city that is really unknown to me I gave Samantha another go.  Get on I-70, get off two exits later, get back on going the opposite direction-What?  No way I could get over four lanes of traffic in one block, so I took the first left.  She redirected me for miles and miles over one of the most circuitous routes I've ever been on- even got out Google maps at one point!  When I got where the shop was supposed to be, it was gone.  Tried the second one.  Not so much wandering about but again when I got there the shop was gone.  Quilt shops come and go or  move pretty quickly it seems.  I gave up, went back to the trailer, had lunch, walked Quinn etc.  After a while I decided that since I was SO close to Golden I'd go up to the Quilt Museum there and the quilt shop.  Fifteen minutes later I was on the main drag (that's what my Mom always called it).  Found a parking spot off the main drag and walked back.  Located the quilt shop first, boy if you are into batiks this is the place!  I'm not so much so no fabric came away with me, bummer.

Next I found the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.  Small but interesting.  If you've read or heard about the book The Quilt That Walked to Golden its about this place.  They were having a quilt show/contest and voting on favorites.  They were 24x24 I think.  My favorite was one from Montana!  They also had some antique quilts on display and I took a few snaps of them.
 This is a close up of the tiny pieces the quilt maker used!  Not more than 1/4in wide sewn in strips going all directions.  Pieced and quilted by hand! Here's the full quilt.  Looks like confetti!

 This one was titled 10,000 triangles although it only had 8,000+ triangles in the quilt, like I care.  Length on one side was 1" maybe,  Here's a close up, anyone for 4,000+half square triangles?

I don't remember what this was was called but its tiny squares sewn together! Then the Baptist fan quilting-just fabulous! Here's a closeup-I think the squares were 1/2 inch.

You can tell I like the unusual ones!  There were several beautiful applique ones as well but I love these "Use it up quilts!"

After that I wandered a bit through some of the shops looking for hoodies for the grand kids but not finding any.  Did find a Starbucks-you know what happened next!  Cafe Mocha how I love you!
Headed back to town and the trailer, reading happened, dinner happened, Quinn was walked again, sleeping happened.

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a good yarn said...

Those GPS can be a real pain. I've ended up in paddocks in the back of nowhere or in the wrong suburb all together. I too lament the closing of quilt shops. There are so few around these days. The internet and high rents really have all but finished them off. I love the quilts you have featured. How dedicated and patient those quilters must have been. The first one wins my heart. Not a scrap of wasted fabric in that household. Doesn't the Baptist Fan quilting make that third quilt come alive. I think 8000 triangles is a pretty fine effort. I am in awe of these quilters. Thanks for sharing the photos.