Monday, September 28, 2015

EEK! Where has the time gone?

Since my last post!  Almost 2 weeks!  Egad!

All because I have nothing to say, sigh.  I have been babying the sore shoulder and lying about reading.

Except for the past two days when I have been pulling weeds and trimming roses trying to get ready for winter.  I decided that the out of doors was to be my priority for this week.  I will still have to mow and do other things but the weather is changing this week into the more seasonal 70F area with cool nights.  Maybe I can turn of the air conditioning at last!

The last sunflower of summer--gone now (like me!)

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a good yarn said...

Such a beautiful sunflower! Our garden is finally receiving some attention and after a corker of a day, it suddenly turned cold and windy then rained. I'm wanting to head off to the nursery for some plants to fill a dead patch but they are predicting 30degC days this weekend. I might just wait.