Saturday, August 8, 2015

Montana Adventure Days Two and Three

I sort of hinted at Day two in the last post, sat around the trailer reading Suzie's book and re-ordering the trailer.  Kearney has a lovely bike/walk path from town to the museum over I-80 and Quinn and I took a couple of rather long walks on it.  It cooled off nicely at night and wasn't unbearable during the day-the trailer has air conditioning!

I took this one photo--
Laugh if you want but I think this is brilliant!  Reuse an old lawn mower without the motor and blade, attach a lawn sprinkler then when you water just attach the hose and roll it to where it needs to go!  No worrying about the sprinkler tipping over--should I have a big garden (maybe) I hope to do this!

Day three found us headed west again through the never ending state that is Nebraska --if you want to know why I call it never-ending take a look at Mapquest for Nebraska and follow I-80!  Traffic is so horrid on this one!  At least until the Colorado traffic forks off to the south.  The terrain gradually rises as soon I'l hit the Rocky Mountains.  More cows, less corn!  One thing I thought was interesting, I didn't see a single wind farm in Nebraska!  Weird, the wind blows like crazy just like in Kansas.  Kansas has those wind turbines all over.

The end of the day came in Cheyenne, WY.  Not really impressed with the campground but we are only staying one night.  Again, I didn't unhook the trailer.  Tired, tried to watch a movie on the tv using the built in radio/cd/dvd player.  Finally got it all going and then couldn't figure out how to turn the dang thing off!  Slept like a baby though.

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a good yarn said...

That's a neat trick with the lawnmower! What a treat to have aircon in the trailer. Those mountains are going to be a welcome relief.