Sunday, August 9, 2015

Montana Adventure Days 4 and 5

When last we spoke Quinn and I were in Cheyenne, WY at a campground that was only so-so.  However, they had a barbecue cafe on the premises so I bought some ribs.  The meat was relish, the sauce only ok as were the sides.  It's a good thing I like to cook.

The next morning we headed north up Interstate 25, another of the interstates that goes practically from Canada to Mexico.  I did see some wildlife-a couple of Pronghorn antelopes on the top of a bluff.  Wyoming is up and down, up and down-foothills you know-you can't use cruise control at all.  There was lots of construction and even where there wasn't it was pretty rough roads.  We ended the night at Sheridan, WY just shy of the Montana border.  Again, we didn't unhook.  This campground had the cleanest shower rooms I've ever seen!  Probably cleaner than the bathrooms at my house!

I took this one photo-

Just so you could see how small we look next to a tractor-trailer rig!  Always one of the smallest in the trailer park!

We spent an enjoyable evening visiting with the "Neighbors" and slept well.

Day 5 had us in Montana!  Hit Interstate 90 near Billings (where I had to have a Starbucks! It's interesting finding them, then getting in and out of some parking lot nearby!  We may be tiny as far as camping goes but we are definitely too big for drive-throughs!)  I was hoping to stay in Livingston for three nights but the campground was full so we spent the night in Emigrant, WY at a lovely campground right next to the river.  Just as we got there the skies opened up and poured rain with thunder and lightening.  Not only did I not unhook, I didn't put the stabilizers down! I was really glad I didn't buy one of those hybrid campers with a solid box and pop-up style beds!  Just hooked up water and electricity and when inside.  Of course, once the worst was over (for that round) Quinn insisted on a walk.  One that would leave her slightly wet for quite a while! I was so tired I crashed early.  Sleep that night was accompanied by rain-quite loud on the rubber roof even if it's only sprinkling!

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a good yarn said...

It's quite an adventure but the trailer sounds comfortable. Those long unbroken highways can be droll but they get you there faster. I prefer smaller roads but not with an RV or trailer!