Saturday, August 15, 2015

Montana Adventure Day 9

So today was moving day.  Inside the trailer that means securing every little loose thing or they fly around!  (Never know what I will find when I open the door!  Drawers open, mostly the table in the aisle! Must find some anti-skid rubber stops for the feet!)

Then outside I have to dump all the holding tanks, black water first then gray, then move the hose to work the black water tank flush system.  This is my first time and I am amazed at everything that comes out through the flush system! And glad that it isn't still in there!  Then I unhook the electricity, store cords, hoses and drain pipes.  Then raise the stabilizers.  Then comes hooking up.  Keep in mind that I have only done this once before. I have to put the hitch back on the truck, it's really heavy!  I have some handy poles with very strong magnets in the base to use to line up the hitch with the receiver.  I managed to get things lined up on the first try!  The only bad thing it that the pole on the ball of the hitch gets knocked off by the trailer tongue before I have the ball in the right place so I pop in and out of the truck until that happens.  I think it only took 3 tries!  Shut down the truck and hook up the stabilizer bars (not easy on this new hitch, very stiff.  Looked for the white lithium grease I thought was in the truck-not found!  Must buy some) then there are chains etc to hook up and raise the tongue post on the trailer so it doesn't drag on the ground and break off!  Walk around the whole shebang looking for open doors and covers, get in the truck, turn the key and NOTHING.  The battery is dead.  Roadside assistance is again called.  Because it's a Sunday it will take 40 minutes for them to get there.  He arrives, jumps me and I'm finally on the road!  First business -buy a new battery! Tried to do that in Missoula but the Walmart folks didn't have a clue so I went on the my next camping place at Hamilton, MT.

Undid everything I'd done in the morning to set up camp.  There's an O'Reilly's auto parts across the highway-my first stop tomorrow!  This is a really nice campground with a big green space for Quinn to walk in and we can even walk over to the river.  We settle in for the next three nights here!

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a good yarn said...

Your journey is like a modern day wagon trail only more comfortable. I wouldn't even dream of attempting to do all that myself. You are one plucky lady Gail, that's for sure. Your sense of adventure is awesome!