Friday, August 14, 2015

Montana Adventure Day 8-Grant-Kohrs National Historic Site

Today I went to Grant-Kobhrs National Historic Site.  You can read all about it here!  But I have Pictures!


 Yes, that's me in front of the original house!  Here's the back-

 Only two things in the the entire house were not original to the home.  I like those kinds of house tours as you can really tell how people lived.  These folks had money and were into technology, like electricity, hot and cold running water, indoor toilets, and coal furnaces!

All of the buildings are original to the ranch and one contains all the various buggies, wagons and sleds used by the family.  There is a blacksmith shop as well and someone working the iron all the time.  You can also get a cup of "Cowboy" coffee--I was spitting out grounds for quite a while!

These three are of the Beaverslide.  An old way of stacking Hay!  If you look at the middle photo you can (barely) see some post sticking up on the left end of the slide, hay was cut and placed there and when full the slide would be tipped up so that the hay fell inside the "cage" by way of that big hole!  There would be two men inside moving and packing the hay down to make a solid mass.  You can see the already piled hay to the right.  The first photo gives you an idea of how big the slide is.  (Not to mention pretty Montana scenery!)

Traditionally and here at Grant-Kohrs hay was worked using teams of horses-like these Belgians.

Oh look, a funny tourist!

The family that owned the ranch bred Belgians and used them-boy are they big!

Lastly some photos from around the ranch.

I love old steps!

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a good yarn said...

You do that so well in the USA. Here the house is gutted and at some point well-meaning folks try to dress it up but it's never quite right. Those horses are unbelievable! How solid and sturdy they are. Meant for hard work those beasties. Great photos and a terrific post. Thanks for sharing.