Monday, August 10, 2015

Montana Adventure Day 6

Quinn and I backed (yes backed-my biggest fear is backing the trailer!) out of our space -without incident I might add and headed back toward I-90.  We would have liked to stay a few more days as it was quite nice but they were booked.  Emigrant is quite close to Yellowstone National Park so I think they are always full.  I booked us three nights in Deer Lodge, Montana so we went over hill, dale and mountain pass for a few hours.  Somewhere along the way I managed a Cafe Mocha at Starbucks.  Something I've discovered on this trip:  I can drive about 300 miles in a day for two days, then I need to have at least 2 days to recover! When we arrived about 3 in the afternoon, get ready, I UNHOOKED the trailer.  First time since I left home!  Hooking up is another of the fear bringers. Then I took a nap.  The campground is nice and not full.  There are plenty of places to walk and play soccer ball with Quinn and we visited with a few people.  There is something I do not understand.  There are a lot of people who live in their 200-300thousand dollar RVs full time--BIG buses pulling cars or trailers.  I get that that might be interesting but a great number of these folks park somewhere for a month (or longer) and then sit inside and watch television. (Or sometimes they put the TV on the outside and watch outside.) They have their own direct TV or Dish network or something.  I could live in a very nice house for the cost of one of these big buses and it would be less trouble than living in an RV.  One of the buses I saw had 6 wheels on the bus and was pulling a trailer with 6 wheels!

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a good yarn said...

Well done on your manoeuvring skills! I can drive for about 3 hours max then I'm wiped out for the afternoon. Doesn't seem to be much point travelling to a beautiful part of the country just to watch TV all day but different strokes for different folks. $200 000 might just buy you a small parking space for a car in Sydney. A one bedroom *studio* at Potts Point on Sydney Harbour just sold for over $750 000.