Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Murder most fair.

I confess.  I am a cold-hearted murderer.  I have murdered four mice in the past two days!  I am not contrite!  I hadn't been  in the studio much since the toe surgery-being that I was one with the sofa--so when I came down on Saturday and noticed tell-tale little black dots I started looking around.  I had a mouse in the garage earlier this spring who had gotten into some food and I cleared that up but for some insane reason I didn't go buy a mouse trap and complete the process.  Then I made a wrist rest for Rob and filled  it with rice.  That's good, but I left the unused rice in the studio in case he wanted a second one-not a good idea.  Most of the rice was gone from the bag and I found little piles of it in the drawers holding my fat quarters!  I think I'm still cleaning up-but the mouse traps are doing their job and hopefully I'll be mouse free soon.

Last night I once again spent the evening in the basement watching radar looking for hook echos and listening to weathermen and their helpers while a big storm came through producing two small tornados.  More damage was caused by flooding from the torrential rain, only tree damage from the twisters.  This is really odd for this time of the year, very late for twisters.

On other, happier, fronts.  I finally found a travel trailer that I think I can be happy with!  Will go out on Friday and begin the process of buying it.  I'll post photos once it's mine.  I plan to take it to Montana for a long trip.  I want to use this time to make some major changes to my life and I think being away will be helpful--also I really want to go to Montana!

I've finally done some sewing-made more burp rags for Ryan.  This is every new parents favorite gift and they always ask for more.  I'm working at dressing his bear, might finish that tonight.  Then it's on to some puzzle balls.  I'm going to Columbia on Sunday and I'd like to take these when I go.  Then there will be new photos of our boy!


a good yarn said...

When it comes to mice murder you have my blessing. My dogs, when alive, were rather adept at catching them and keeping the rats out of the compost (a neighbour was keeping chickens at the time). All the food in my pantry is stored in containers but I left a wheat-filled heat pack in the linen cupboard and they got into that. Excited about your new trailer and trip to Montana. My brother and his family took a trip there last year I think. They loved it! Have a safe trip to Columbia. Can't wait to see how much Ryan has grown.

Chookyblue...... said...

any mouse that steps into my house or shed is worthy of death by mouse trap...........filthy little things........