Monday, July 27, 2015

Here's my new Home!

Finally got my new trailer home today and began loading and getting ready to go out first part of next week!  I haven't settled on a name for her yet-just need to let her tell me what suits her. When I have the inside completely to rights I'll take some photos of the inside, right now it's a proper mess.  I practiced backing up today, hum.  I do okay if I can go at it straight, tomorrow I'll try more of an angle.  I have to learn to do it without a spotter and that's a bit tough.  I don't really care if it's perfectly straight, in fact sometimes I'd prefer it be crooked but I don't want to run over anything.

I've also been doing the final stuff to my house so that I can sell it.  I spent the last week crawling around on the floor putting in new base trim-oh my aching everything!  That is done, new garage doors and openers went in on Friday-boy are they nice.  If I had a car that fit in my garage that would be perfect!

On Saturday, Beth, Lucas and the boys came to help and quite a bit got marked off the list.  It looked like Disaster 202 but it's been down sized to disaster 101 now that the living room is back to rights.
Tonight I'm going to clean up the kitchen and finish the laundry, re-make the bed and shower!  Oh my goodness the heat and humidity are awful.  Quinn barely goes outside and only stays a minute-I feel I need to stand at the door as I've barely time to walk away before she wants in.  I'm promising her cooler temperatures by the end of next week!

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a good yarn said...

Well isn't that a handsome wagon! She is might fine indeed. Now if only she was sea-worthy you could make the trip Downunder. They always need a good sorting out and clean up. I've been putting my office back together after we packed it up to have the carpet replaced. Sheesh! How did I fit all that stuff into it? Sorry to read about the heat and humidity. It can be dreadful and it's definitely not my favourite time of year. Get that aircon up full blast and try to stay indoors.