Thursday, July 2, 2015

Catch UP!

It seems like a lot happened around here this week but really I felt like I was becoming the sofa!  Keeping my foot elevated so that the toe does not swell up.  I'm impatient with it even though I know I have a couple of weeks before I can hope to have full function.

I finally got power restored Sunday about 2 pm-something like 60 hours without electricity.  Luckily, it wasn't hot and humid that came later in the week but by then I had power and air conditioning!  We had another being storm come through Tuesday about 2am (what is it about 2 am? And Why does my beloved dog stand at the back door and park at thunder then?) Without the 60mph winds though so no power outages at my house anyway.  With that rain we closed out the months of May/June with the 2nd highest rainfall totals in history!  The highest was in 1915-I find that interesting.  Yesterday, it started raining sheets about 5:30pm and the next thing you know my phone was going off with tornado warnings!  Spent about 4 hours in the basement watching the local channel coverage of three tornados that touched down, briefly, two in Lees Summit and one in Pleasant Hill.  Lees Summit is a fairly large suburb, the tornados hit on the northern edge and did relatively little damage (power lines, trees, cars blown around and a semi tractor blown over) I don't think the Pleasant Hill one did much damage.  The thing about tornados-they are terrifying, I mean look what happened to Dorothy, but are usually narrow in scope and short in duration as opposed to a hurricane for instance.  If you take cover you are unlikely to be hurt and the rest is just stuff.  There were actually two super cells that merged and separated mostly over Lees Summit.  Daughter Beth lives in South Lees Summit-there was no damage but feet of water in their streets.  Today has been a drippy day, gray and damp.  I really hope the weather excitement is over!

I haven't done any creating in weeks, perhaps tomorrow.

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a good yarn said...

It's all happening in your neck of the woods! Glad you and Beth are safe and relatively dry. I always wondered what the difference was between a tornado and a hurricane. You see the aftermath on tv here and everything - usually except for a couple of houses - is completely flattened. By contrast it's a beautiful sunny day here although rather cold. Dropped to 2 degC last last night (which is pretty cold for us) and tops of 16 degC. So happy that I have a sunroom flooded with light. Enjoying a cup of tea and piece of homemade Scottish fruit cake. Getting ready for a spot of sewing. Love lazy weekend! Please to read that you are being diligent with that toe.