Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rain, again

I stayed up WAY, WAY too late last night reading so it's been a slow day.  Tonight I'm not even going to take that D*** Kindle into my bedroom!  Sleeping will be done!

After taking myself out for breakfast-Crackerbarrel-my favorite meal to eat out ! I came home and started some laundry as I'm at the "One more day and I'm naked state."  It isn't easy to drag the hamper down the stairs with a crutch, actually nothing is easy with a crutch.  Then I went out to try and pull some weeds as the gardens are being taken over.  I only managed half of the pepper bed and two steps before the heat and HUMIDITY sent me inside.  I did use my garden wagon to bring up from the shed the tools etc that I need to work out there.  (Crutching though the grass growing on less than even ground that slopes away from the house-exhausting.  I have a new appreciation of folks with handicaps that involve crutches!

And then it rained, sigh.  Again, sigh. Gotta love the weather in Missouri.  The last time I saw it this May/June is the 16th wettest on record but with a forecast of up to 5 inches possible on Wednesday I think we'll be moving up the list!  Seriously, a canoe, kayak, sailboat, rowboat, etc is sounding like a good investment.  The damp causes the mold to grow (I'm allergic) and then the wind kicks up and blows mold spores all around.  We won't talk about how many bugs there are.   It's really a shame to be cooped up in the house in the summer!  I was watching a tv program on decorating outdoor spaces and I thought what's the point I'd never get to use those extra living spaces!  I'm happy if I can sit on my deck next to my patio table (that hasn't been used in two years) and drink my tea of a morning!  I don't want to be outside when I feel like I'm breathing water.  Even Quinn stays in- that pretty much says it all.


a good yarn said...

That sounds like dreadful weather. It's cold and wet here - must be snowing on the mountains. There's about two weeks a year when I can sit outside with a cup of tea and toast. So, what did you have to eat at Crackerbarrel?

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

AND something that I learned about Missouri since my oldest son moved there ( St. Louis area ) is that you can get quite the severe weather, as in a bit scarier than Western Pa! There was a tornado close to his area last year, ugh!

Hang in there; winter will come, lol. Seriously I'd prefer jumping into a snowdrift versus humidity.