Saturday, June 13, 2015

Patience or the lack thereof.

I used to be known for my patience.  I seem to have lost it somewhere along the line.  Maybe not all of it as I like slow crafts and gardening but definitely the recover the body patience!  I hope that I never have to be bedridden as I will surely lose my mind-well perhaps I won't have a mind by then either.  As the glories of getting old!

I've ditched all but one crutch and only use it when I go out or over rough ground (like my yard.)  Last night I decided I'd had enough of sitting in that one chair-I was beginning to feel that I was "becoming" the chair! This morning I returned my stitching/movie stuff to the studio,  the laptop to the office and the paperwork to the kitchen table.  I even did some planning-gasp!  See no patience.  One week, I made it one week.

Today, I went to yet another eye doctor since while I was really gimping along I stepped (or crutched) my computer glasses and broke them, sigh.  I really am spoiled by having separate glasses and using my regular ones just doesn't work.  Rather than wait 2 weeks for an appointment and then 2 weeks for glasses I went to a fast appointment place, glasses in two weeks.

On the breaking front, the stove hood in my kitchen has a broken switch.  I took it apart and only one tiny piece is broken and it would be an easy fix if I can find the part (will look on line tomorrow) if not than I may have to buy a new hood, which is just ridiculous.  However, by the time I pay for the service call (it's attached to my house after all) and have them come twice it may be less expensive.  Again ridiculous, it's only 3-4 years old.

Also this week I received these in the mail:
 A gift from Suzie O'Connell, the author,  as I have a cameo appearance in Wild Angel!  I've been beta reading for Suzie for a couple of years and we have fun on Facebook messenger-I nag her! She takes amazing photos of Montana to make me jealous.  The books are really very good and available on Amazon for Kindle and likely various other places in various other forms.  These are going on the shelf with my Nora Roberts hardcovers!

Lastly, Ryan had a checkup in Boston on Friday.  His esophagus did not contract  so he didn't need to be stretched again and the tissue looks soft so strictures are unlikely.  He doesn't go back until the fall-to have his g-tube out!  He's still a rock star!


a good yarn said...

I'm not surprised you can't keep still Gail - that's a good thing mind. I'm amazed that you can still fix your hood. Not much these days can be repaired as everything seems designed to be thrown away when it breaks down. Disgraceful waste in my books but then I come from a family of make-do and menders. That was a lovely gift from Suzie and fantastic news about Ryan. Keep going Little Champion!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I am not a patient person either. And at one point in my life I prayed for patience and God sent me my third son, LOL.

Enjoy the books and hang in there :)