Thursday, June 25, 2015

Matching shoes!

I am no longer sporting that lovely black shoe!  Although I'd call it an instrument of torture not a shoe, I guess technically is was a large splint.  Anyway, the pin came out this afternoon (Hallelujah!) and My feet now look like this--
Matching shoes!  The toe is still quite sore and will swell for some time yet but the pin is OUT and I don't go back to see the Doc unless it gets worse.

In a week of good stuff--my new computer glasses (two pair) came in on Monday!  I love them!  They are larger frames than my last pair so the viewing area is larger which makes just everything better.

It is hot, humid and only raining every other day.  We currently rest at 7th in the all time rainiest May/June and sure to move up as more wet stuff is to arrive tonight. This on top of a rainy April.  The weather has caused my oak trees to be infected with a fungus that causes the leaves to fall off!  It won't kill the trees but my yard looks like I need to rake leaves! So Not happening!

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a good yarn said...

Whoo-hoo! No more boot. Pretty crocs you have there. You must be delighted to have the pin out and boot off. It's a real challenge to find larger frame glasses. The trend is for tiny half size ones. Not that I want those 1980s monster frames. Nearly bought some men's frames last time. Your weather has been whacky for a while now. By contrast we've had pretty good weather - cold sunny days with the odd rainy one every now and then.