Saturday, June 27, 2015


A big storm blew through here about 2 am Friday morning and left a whole lot of us - myself included- without electricity.  I am still without electricity.  I will likely lose all the food in my refrigerator and possibly in the freezers as well.  Fortunately, I don't have a lot of food in either one!  Luckily, the temperatures dropped with the storm so living without air conditioning hasn't been impossible.  Every time this happens - and it's relatively rare- I decide to buy a generator just to run the freezers.  Okay, and the internet connection!  I also decide to by a gas stove so I can cook!  I'm using my iPhone's personal hot spot to write this but that uses power and I'm using my laptop battery to charge my phone as long as it lasts.  I understand that at this point there are still about 4,000 without power in Independence, Independence Power and Light repairs from the top down.  They start with the stations and sub stations and then down the list by how many are affected by each issue, when I went out to get breakfast this morning there were no power and light trucks in my neighborhood.  I hope it is repaired today.  By the way the storm dropped several inches of rain along with the 80mph winds so I'm sure we moved up the rainiest list-we only needed a bit less than 3 inches to be at number 1!

I've spent most of yesterday lying on the couch with toes above nose reading (Kindle now dead have moved on to real books) as there is significant swelling in my toe if I'm up too much.  The pain from the pin removal is already gone and I expect the swelling to be less by tomorrow evening.  Today I'm going to try to do a bit of hand work, possibly out on the deck (unless it gets too hot) where there is light.  (I may even try the treadle machine but it's really dark in the studio!)

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a good yarn said...

Being without power is such a nuisance in the modern world. I sure hope you are re-connected soon. You've had some pretty hairy weather lately. Keep those toes up so the swelling subsides.