Monday, May 4, 2015

Ugh, I'm stiff!

For at least part of the past four days, and most of three of them, I've been working in the gardens.  On Friday I drove to Columbia and cleaned up Scott and Bri's place so that they don't come home to a complete disaster after having been gone 7 months!  There was actually less to do than I expected as the company that is mowing for them has been doing a great job with trimming.  A little retail break at Appletree Quilt shop - bought some fat quarters as I am always looking for neutrals.  Then We drove home, I say we as Quinn was along for the ride!  She's such a good traveler, if she just talked she'd be perfect!

Saturday, I had one of my not so great days when the ALONENESS of my life gets overwhelming.  I generally enjoy being alone but sometimes the fact that I do most everything alone gets me down.  I still mowed the lawn here.  Not much else.

Sunday, I spent cleaning up the flower beds in front and on the east side and picking up gum balls.  Thank goodness the neighbors had that tree taken down!

Today, I finished the flower beds, tilled the veggie spaces and planted tomatoes, peppers and some flower seeds.  Spread lime, time release fertilizer and treated the rose bushes and watered.  I had an oops moment when I caught the extension cord with the tiller, sigh.  Sparks were flying and the breaker in the house blew.  So now I get to repair that extension cord!

I am still not finished with yard work, sigh.  I have weeds in the cracks in the drive, etc and I really need to sweep up all the junk falling from the oak trees.  Plus I need to trim along the fences, drive, etc.  All that will be waiting for a bit.  I am so stiff I can hardly move!

Tomorrow is going to be filled with errands and the Trails museum.  On Wednesday I'm having my upper eyelids trimmed as they are drooping enough to be affecting my vision.  I've known for some time that it would need to be done, my Father had his done, his mother's were horrid and at least one of her sisters had it done.  Should be fun, not.  At least there will be a point in wearing eye makeup again!

There has been NO sewing or creating of any kind.  I'm just too tired after all that yard stuff.

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a good yarn said...

Oh Gail, I'm sorry you felt that way. I wish I wasn't so far away so that I could pop 'round for a cuppa and a chat. That's quite a lot of yard work no wonder you're exhausted! No need to apologise for not sewing. Hope all goes well with your procedure.