Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Remember last post when I told you I'd turned on the a/c due to humidity?  Well, it's still humid-actually it's still raining-but now I'm seriously considering turning on the heat!  It's been a chilly, damp day.  I even had to make a Starbucks run for a Cafe Mocha!  (I'm developing a real Starbucks habit!)

Continuing on my organizational kick:
          All Dvd's have been entered onto the computer spreadsheet (I once used a database but found it cumbersome.)
         All Cd's have been organized into the new case and entered onto a spreadsheet.  Next up there is to get them on iTunes and synced to by phone.
         I've spent several hours scanning and inputing material into family files.  I think tomorrow I will reach the end of the big scanning projects there.  When all the checking and scanning is done I can move the "Keep" stuff from the second file cabinet into the empty space I create and there will be one file cabinet to leave the house!  Photo scanning will take FOREVER but it's ongoing, forty + years of photos don't just scan themselves, sigh.
          I cut out burp rags tonight as Scott and Bri have requested more.  I bought more fabric than I'll need for them but I cut it up for burp rags and will donate the rest to the Quilt Guild for the boutique at quilt show.
          I even did a bit of cleaning today!
I have a very long list of things I need to get done before June 5th when I'm having surgery to correct a hammer toe.  I'll be crutching and gimping along for a few weeks again.  When the crutching and gimping are over I'm going on VACATION!  (or die.)

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a good yarn said...

That's a pretty impressive dent in your tasks. I have a suitcase full of photos that need attention. One day. Best of British for the Op. You'll be Ginger Rogers when it's done!