Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rain and progress

Well, the rain is a sure thing it seems.  Here in the Kansas City Metro we have had only 5 days without rain the entire month of May! (I think we are at the 7th wettest May on record.) I know that later this summer I'll be wishing it would rain - so I don't have to water - but right now I'm totally sick of it!  My yard sloshes when I walk on it and we won't even talk about what my long-haired, lovely Quinn looks like at the moment.  (She will be unhappy when I give her a bath in a bit!)  On top of that all the cloudiness and raindrops negatively affects one's mood, all I really want to do is crawl back under the covers and sleep!  Sadly, I have pages and pages of things I wish to have finished before Friday!  I don't think it's going to happen, sigh.  I am making progress but I'm having to fight my lethargy for each and every task.  After Friday, I'll be using wearing an orthopedic boot on my left foot and using crutches.  The crutches for maybe two weeks, the boot for 4-6 (or longer) weeks.  Recovering from having a hammertoe fixed, this does not sound like any kind of fun but the toe hurts and rubs on the inside of my shoes which isn't any fun either.  What's a girl to do?

I have a long list of things to do while I'm recovering and will use all the tricks I learned from the knee surgeries - like using an office chair to get around the house instead of crutches.  I may even be able to do some of the things on the pre-surgery list (or talk my sons into doing some of them) but some things will have to wait until after.  Also, I can't leave town for a trip to Montana and other points west until after.  I can't even ride my bike-well I can probably ride it but putting it on and off the truck may be beyond me. (Not that it matters with all the rain I've only been on it once this year.) I'm putting it back on it's inside lift and I bought a rower so I can get some exercise, poor Quinn won't be getting any walks for a while.  Maybe I'll at least get some stitching done!

On a much happier note, I'm driving the 120+miles to Scott's house tomorrow to see him along with Bri and RYAN!  I haven't seen them since February so I'm really looking forward to it!

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a good yarn said...

Have a safe trip to see Ryan and the family. He's in for a armful of cuddles and some serious smooching. Hope all goes well with the surgery. I have an image of you scooting about on your office chair. Let's hope the wet weather eases soon and the garden can dry out a little. Weather is quite cold here (not your kind of cold I know). Cold for us.