Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to bathe a Sheltie

 So this is how I bathe Quinn (she hates it!)
Take off the jewelry, and the glasses, put your phone down
Dog shampoo, towels and the small step stool for my aged knees!

Sheet across end of bed-or Quinn will rub her wet face on the quilt and dust ruffle!
Get out her leash but put it where she can't see it!
Call the girl in!  Look at that mud!  She's looked like this off and on for a couple of weeks.
Put her leash on--for two reasons:  no muddy dog all over the house and NO way she's going happily once she figures out a bath is coming!  She digs in!
From here on out it takes two hands!

Take your pants and shoes off and both of you get in the shower.  Turn the water on coolish and use the handheld to get her wet (watch the mud run off) DO NOT take the water away as she will dry in a heartbeat-I usually hold it with my knees.  Then soap her up in sections,head to tail, more the mud runs off.  Rinse out the soap, more mud.  Keep rinsing until no more brown stuff runs down the drain!  Turn off the water and start drying.  She shakes, I dry, she shakes, I dry-you get the idea.  Finally, you let her out of the bathroom and take a shower yourself, making sure the floor of the shower no longer has mud on it!  Takes 30 minutes total, she'll be dry tomorrow-maybe.

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a good yarn said...

That's why I had miniature dachshunds. Easy to bathe and you could wipe them down with a Chux in between. Mind you, they hated mud. She's a cheeky girl!