Thursday, April 2, 2015

Surgery Postponed

Ryan should have been in surgery this morning but he contracted a Staph infection at his incision site so it has been postponed until the 10th while antibiotics do their thing!  His gap has narrowed even more so he should have a good connection then.  He's still behaving very "Ryan-y" but they are all finding the the hub NICU very nerve wracking.  Ryan has trouble sleeping with all the "Baby" noise added to the machines and adults talking.  (I think having tiny babies all together can't be a good thing, unless they are multiples.  Hospitals are germ breeding grounds, the more people you have around the more you are exposed to.  Then things like staph infections happen.  Just my opinion-has no basis in any scientific data!) Lately, I have been fighting the need to BE there in Boston with them but things are crazy enough for the kids without adding Granna to the mix so I'm staying home but it's hard.

On other fronts, well there aren't any.  I mowed grass yesterday and did a bit of a tidy up in the studio.  I've been sewing log cabin blocks, they take longer than one thinks they should!  I have the fabric for the Little Houses backing, need to sew that up and call my long armer.  Otherwise, I've been incredibly lazy and having something of a pity party which is now over!  The list always grows longer than the day!

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a good yarn said...

That's a shame - it's hard to escape a staph infection in hospital these days. I tend to agree with you. Hang in there Ryan. As for you Gail, you are always on the go so a few days *leave* won't hurt.