Monday, April 27, 2015

On the Design Wall

Do you remember this?
My block for our Guild Mystery quilt.  Well. I decided that the purple between the 9-patches above (which actually went all the way around the central block) didn't offer enough contrast with the central block and that I didn't like the reddish purple in the corners either, so I took it apart. Bought new fabric (for the third time) and proceeded to make 5 blocks.  Only I didn't like those either -sorry no photo! Didn't have enough of the fabric, either, would have to buy more, ugh!  For the first time--I gave up on a quilt, took apart those finished blocks, pressed the fabric and added it to my scrap boxes.  I feel so much better.  The only thing I left together were the central fairy blocks so that I could do this:
The twelve central blocks will be one side of a smallish quilt, the panel will go on the other side.  Reversible, sort of.  I'll add more of the light strips with the darker block and some borders.  In the end I'll like this much more.  Also, I will NEVER do another mystery!

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a good yarn said...

Sometimes putting a project aside is better than struggling to resolve it. Better to expend your energies on a project with a positive outcome. I gave up on some house and tree blocks years ago donating them to a quilt guild.