Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hooray! A Finish!

This is Little Houses of Ireland
All finished.  I made these blocks four years ago I think, then I had to think about how to set them, find the right fabric etc, etc, etc. (I feel like Yul Brenner in the King and I) Once all that was done and it was worked into the que and turned into a top it was off to my long arm quilter extraordinare (Robin Gragg-who is retiring! Oh NO) and I finished the binding last night.  Some of the houses are rather wonky but a good quilter can make even the wonkiest block look pretty darn good!  Here's a close up of the quilting
So cute!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I have new tenants!

This time last year a robin built a nest on the electrical shutoff box on my house.  She didn't like my comings and goings so she didn't lay any eggs and decided to move out.  I never got the ladder out to get the nest down and this year one of her girlfriends moved in!

It's hard to see in this shot but there are three eggs in there (well, unless she's added another one today!)  I guess I'll have to try not to disturb her too much for the next couple of weeks but really I can't reach her babies and I have pots to plant!

Monday, April 27, 2015

On the Design Wall

Do you remember this?
My block for our Guild Mystery quilt.  Well. I decided that the purple between the 9-patches above (which actually went all the way around the central block) didn't offer enough contrast with the central block and that I didn't like the reddish purple in the corners either, so I took it apart. Bought new fabric (for the third time) and proceeded to make 5 blocks.  Only I didn't like those either -sorry no photo! Didn't have enough of the fabric, either, would have to buy more, ugh!  For the first time--I gave up on a quilt, took apart those finished blocks, pressed the fabric and added it to my scrap boxes.  I feel so much better.  The only thing I left together were the central fairy blocks so that I could do this:
The twelve central blocks will be one side of a smallish quilt, the panel will go on the other side.  Reversible, sort of.  I'll add more of the light strips with the darker block and some borders.  In the end I'll like this much more.  Also, I will NEVER do another mystery!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

More good news from Boston!

In a week full of firsts-Ryan left the NICU behind!  He's still in the hospital but in a regular room now.  Scott says with a window and a TV.  He's eating like a champ and coming home is looking closer and closer!  Scott and Bri are floating on air they are so happy--me, too!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A HUGE First!

Ryan began learning a new trick today.  That's what his Daddy called it, I call it a miracle!  One we've been waiting for for almost 4 months! Take a look
Ryan is drinking from a bottle and is repogle free!  This is so beautiful, I almost cried.

It will be a while yet before he takes enough by mouth to do away with his g-tube but a huge milestone!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Continuing Saga of Ryan and Irons

First, Ryan's esophagus is connected!  Surgery was very successful, the two ends actually meeting.  He's still intubated and sleeping off drugs but will be back to "throwing himself at normal" within a few days.  In two weeks they will do a swallow test to check for leaks, if none are found then they get to begin feeding him-by mouth!  When I got the text from Scott today (some 6 hours after Ryan went to the OR) I let out a huge sigh of relief!  So glad that's over.  Scott called tonight and I could hear the relief in his voice as well-and I could hear Bri laughing in the background.  It was a good day all around.

Now, the continuing saga of irons.  I went down to the studio Sunday to sew for a few hours and turned on all the surge protectors, including the one on the iron.  It WOULD NOT heat!  So I've had this one three years at the most, maybe only two, URGH!!!  I read up on the best irons for 2015 and while a Rowenta won I've decided that with today's shoddy workmanship I wasn't spending the money for high-end stuff any longer, so I bought the best choice in the lower cost category.  The Sunbeam GCSBSP-201.  The only reason it was second choice was that it didn't heat up quite as quickly.  It looks like this
I used it tonight while working on quilt blocks and found that it heated up quite quickly and didn't turn itself off too soon! I didn't have to read the owner's manual to figure out how to work it either!   I hope it lasts for a few years anyway.  I find it disturbing to have to replace relatively new appliances--oh lets face it it's just annoying!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ryan Update

Well, the staph infection has be evicted and Ryan's second surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning 7:30 EDST.  This is the last really MAJOR thing and we will all be glad when it is over.  Scott and Bri are worried tonight because Ryan seems to be in pain and they can't figure it out.  We think it might be the wound vac plus the fact that he's hungry.  Mostly, no one wants anything else to go wrong!  I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

This one's for Ann!

Yesterday I went out and cut all of the lilac fronds my hands would hold!  My house smells amazing! I can stand on my deck and smell the plant even though it's a good ways away,  I love lilacs!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ryan update

Ryan's second surgery was scheduled for Friday and has now been postponed, again.  He's still not quite over the staph infection and his incision from surgery Number 1 hasn't healed.  He now has a wound vac.  No new surgery date has been scheduled.  More news when I have it!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Baby brag post!

Just can't resist this picture of Ryan!
Laughing at Dad's beard!  Big ole belly laugh!  Pretty great for a guy in the hospital one surgery down, one to go !  (Friday)

Design Wall Monday

On my design wall today-
 Parts of three quilts, sigh.  The red strips are the binding for Ryan's quilt-still hand quilting that one.  Truthfully I haven't worked on it lately-Bri never should have told me he wouldn't need it until winter 2015!

Next is for our Guild Mystery quilt

Using up some Michael Miller fairy fabric!

And lastly some log cabin blocks
I have 101 of these made-need 225, obviously they won't all fit and at this point I'm just playing with layouts.  It isn't as easy as it seems to get those alternating strips of color!

Lastly, there's been a new addition to the studio-
Ever since I first saw this rug at Ikea I wanted it!  I finally bought it!  It's just too cute.  (I see a sticky note found its way to the floor already!)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Surgery Postponed

Ryan should have been in surgery this morning but he contracted a Staph infection at his incision site so it has been postponed until the 10th while antibiotics do their thing!  His gap has narrowed even more so he should have a good connection then.  He's still behaving very "Ryan-y" but they are all finding the the hub NICU very nerve wracking.  Ryan has trouble sleeping with all the "Baby" noise added to the machines and adults talking.  (I think having tiny babies all together can't be a good thing, unless they are multiples.  Hospitals are germ breeding grounds, the more people you have around the more you are exposed to.  Then things like staph infections happen.  Just my opinion-has no basis in any scientific data!) Lately, I have been fighting the need to BE there in Boston with them but things are crazy enough for the kids without adding Granna to the mix so I'm staying home but it's hard.

On other fronts, well there aren't any.  I mowed grass yesterday and did a bit of a tidy up in the studio.  I've been sewing log cabin blocks, they take longer than one thinks they should!  I have the fabric for the Little Houses backing, need to sew that up and call my long armer.  Otherwise, I've been incredibly lazy and having something of a pity party which is now over!  The list always grows longer than the day!