Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring may have sprung!

Yesterday and today have been perfect shirtsleeve spring days! Walks in the park have been taken, Quinn has been brushed outside! The patio door is open-Quinn loves this as she can come and go as she chooses. This coming week is forecast to be the same-with temperatures edging up towards short sleeve days.  Last week snow, this week warm.  Gotta love the weather on the great plains!  The neighbors have been out raking leaves and I should have been but silly me took a shower first thing and didn't want to take another, sigh.  Leaves are on the agenda for Wednesday-I am tired of picking them up in the house.  Quinn drags them in stuck in her fur.  It's an ongoing battle when you own a long-haired outdoor loving dog.

The new dryer arrived yesterday and was installed so I decided to do laundry today-breaking my always on Monday routine as I won't be at home much of tomorrow.  I have Quilt Guild in the morning and an eye appointment in the afternoon.  I won't be worth much after the eye appointment until the dilation wears off.

I am still suffering from the lack of a sewing machine, sigh.  Really hoping Jane is ready to be picked up soon.  Then I will leave Edna--super hoping the tech can fix her then I will have two electric machines.  I have a couple of parts to replace on Grace the treadle-will try to order them this week.  Everyone says to use two feet treading but I go backwards when I do that-hope I can learn to do it with my left foot so I get even exercise right now its right foot all the way, :)

Quinn and I are off the Rob and Tanya's for dinner.  I love this Sunday rotation we've got going!

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a good yarn said...

Delighted that you have been enjoying some warmer weather. Laundry isn't much fun but Quilt Guild is. Having your machines cleaned, repaired and oiled will be good. They run so much better afterwards.