Thursday, March 26, 2015

Little things make me happy!

Last fall sometime I saw fish spatulas being used on one of the PBS cooking shows, probably America's Test Kitchen, and began the hunt to own some.  When I was in Denver last fall my sister-in-law and I went shopping for them and found them at Crate and Barrel, I think.  She may have thought me insane I was so focused on having these-
BUT. . .these are the best spatulas I have ever owned!  They are thin so they slide under over-easy eggs or pancakes, the curve on the end makes flipping things easy!  I can't recommend them highly enough if you need a new spatula!  These are OXO Good grips and I think they were $12 each.

Small thing, Gail happy!

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a good yarn said...

My SIL sent me some silicon and stainless steel spatulas - from Sur La Table, I think. Best. Spatulas. Ever. You can't buy anything like it here.