Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I've been busy? Tired? Lazy?

Wow, it's been a week since I last posted!  Really falling away from that goal of every day, I'll try that again now.

Last week, as you know, I spent 3 days raking leaves (28 bags total) and 2 afternoons working at the garage (still much more to do there).  Made myself terribly sore and very tired.

I got my sewing machine back on Saturday!  So far I've finished one more row of Little houses, only three left and I will be ready to sew the top.  Then I'll Have to decide if it needs a border--I kind of like it the way it is.  If it needs to be bigger though then I'll have to border it and buy backing.  Maybe I can have it to Robin (My LAQ) by the end of the month.

This week I have had the big boys (Brayden and Kolby) part of the time for their spring break.
Monday, it was around 80F and we set out on a bike ride at Longview Lake.   We drove and drove to find a parking lot with access-most of the roads into the lake were gated and locked.  We went about a half a mile when playground equipment called the boys to play!
In all we rode about three miles.  Less than we planned because the wind was just brutal.  Brayden wanted me to ride in front at one point-I told him I'd leave him in the dust and not even know it!  It was slow and go but we had fun and I got a workout loading and unloading the bikes!

Today, it is 45F and raining.  Just have to love the weather in Missouri.  Really though we needed the rain and this has been a slow soaker instead of a rain so hard it bounces and runs off day.  We took Mommy out to lunch and then we made "Cookie Cakes" (chocolate chip cookies spread unto pizza pans.)

Friday, I'm going to take them to Science City and the Planetarium.  So we've been busy.

I've saved the last for best.

Scott, Bri and Ryan went to Boston yesterday.  Scott flew commercial and arrived first, checked into their TINY room and waited for Bri and Ryan who flew in a private Medivac plane.  Ryan was, as usual, a rock star and slept the whole way!  He is not crazy about the new hospital as he doesn't have a private room any more and there are babies crying a lot.

Today brought the best news!  His gap is only 1.5-2 cm!  Mom and Dad believed it to be at least 4cm!  This smaller gap might make it unnecessary to "Grow" his esophagus! And if it is still required then the length of time required will be much shorter!  Again, Ryan is a ROCK STAR!  I think champagne is called for!

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a good yarn said...

Gail, I cried out loud and did a little happy dance when I read that Ryan's gap is only 1.5-2cm! Fantastic news. He's one tough cookie that's for sure. Keep it up little guy! Your Aussie Down Under Cheer Squad is rootin' for ya. Looks like you and boys made the most of some warm, sunny weather. Like you, we could do with some rain. The good soaking kind - not the big storm flash flooding kind.