Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Electronics everywhere!

On my last trip to St Louis I left the charging base to my electric toothbrush behind.  I'm not sure how that happened but it did.  The toothbrush was wearing out so I ordered a new one.  This one

Then I had to spend several minutes (like 20) with that booklet on the left setting up the electronics in it!  It "talks" to a Smart Guide mounted on the wall.  Jeeze, if I'd known that I might not have bought this one!  At my age I don't think I need stars for brushing my teeth!  On the bright side it does a whiz-bang job of getting the teeth clean!  I mounted the gizmo on the inside of a door so I don't have to look at it, then when it runs out of battery juice I won't replace them.  

This is right up there with the iron I had to read the instruction book for!  

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a good yarn said...

At least your instructions were in English. You should see what we get here! You've made me nervous - I'm planning to treat myself to an iPad mini but who knows if I will get it working?