Friday, March 20, 2015

Deep Breathing.

We have all taken a deep breath.  Ryan went to surgery sleeping on his tummy.  I think 7 hours later he came out.  While they were unable to close the gap today he will not have to be paralyzed (by medication) and intubated as they did a modification to the procedure.  He will "Grow" his esophagus for a week or perhaps a bit longer before they attach the two pieces.  It will all go much faster than we had been told was usual.  I would have been really excited if they'd closed the gap but this is so much better than the original plan.  Next the closure surgery!

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a good yarn said...

Hey Ryan. Grammie has told me about your surgery. You'll be okay because your big brothers need you to catch up with all that growing. They need another Musketeer for the gang. Get some rest and let that oesophagus grow. Even though Grammie has had her sewing machine serviced we should probably leave the stitching of the two pieces together to the doctors. Whaddya reckon?