Friday, February 20, 2015

Wow, it's Friday already?!

I can't believe it's already Friday!  Not that this past week has been at all exciting but I have been a bit busy.  With the exception of the garage-where it is just too cold to work, the laundry room, and the kitchen my house is pretty clean.  I'll give the kitchen a really good going over tomorrow as I have some cooking to do.  I've also cleared a part of the drive of  snow twice this week.  It's raining-freezing rain-snow out right now, ugh far worse than just straight snow!

I got out the house blocks I made three/four/five years ago-who knows time evaporates! Stuck them up on the design wall, fiddled with the arrangement and took them down in rows.  This will not be a masterpiece!  I am going to try quilting it as I go one row at a time.  Utility quilts keep you warm just as well as the fancy ones and don't make you cringe if the grands use it for tent making or picnics!  I've been making some log cabin blocks each day as well, when I get a few more done I'll put then up on the wall for a photo.  They are totally scrappy.  It's interesting that I'm not really paying much attention to fabric except light/dark and they come out looking pretty cute.  I do have a big pile of strips on the table though!

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a good yarn said...

That freezing rain doesn't sound very nice. Still hot and humid here is Sydney but folks way up north have been battling a cyclone - high winds and torrential rain. Heartbreaking to see the damage to their homes. So far no lives lost. My son's favourite quilt is one a slapped together before I even knew how to make a proper quilt. He's wanting me to make some repairs but it's only good will that's holding together.