Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday's accomplishments

Today, I played with my new blow dryer!  My old one (probably one of the first ones out) just took so long to dry my hair that I didn't ever want to wash it if I had to go somewhere.  I had been watching the daily deals on Amazon for one-I think they have such things pretty regularly-and one came on Tuesday so it arrived today.  Gotta love Prime!  It dried the hair really fast!  So recently I've bought a hair straightener, curling iron and blow dryer--what ever will I buy next?

I also finished the tidy up (except for vacuuming and dusting) in the studio, trimmed some blocks (have to stretch that out as I really hate it) and cut the fabric for a long held small quilt piece.  Oh, and I finished the knitting and bound off the shrug.  Tomorrow, I'll have to sew it up.

That about covers it!

Tomorrow, I'll run some errands and restock the frig.  There's talk of significant snow on Monday, I'm not holding my breath.  I need to go to the sewing machine store for a new quarter inch foot and some oil.  I really need to take my machine in but I don't think I can live without it at the moment.  I'll do that when next I leave for St Louis!  I'm playing with the boys tomorrow night, we'll go eat and then to the gymnastics place for open gym--burn lots of their energy.  Should be fun and Ethan will be asleep before we hit the highway coming home!

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a good yarn said...

Don't you just love it when an appliance works well! I just wish I could find an iron like that. Sounds like you are getting back on feet after your cold. Are you sure it will be only the boys who are knocked out after open gym?