Monday, February 16, 2015

An Empty Wall

I was going to put up a photo of my design wall--but it's empty!  I finished up the baby quilt I showed last week (I think) and it is now washed and ready to take to my friend.  I'm impressed with myself--the baby's not due until next month!  Now I just need to decide what I want to put on the design wall next.  The blocks that were up there are being trimmed and the sashing cut, but that's a hand piecing job and only needs to go up for me to design then it will come down as that will be a long job.  Then it gets hand quilted--I may really hate that quilt before I'm done!  Everyone says you get faster at the quilting as you go but I am not finding that to be true on Ryan's quilt.  Guess I haven't put in my 10,000 hours yet!  I have started some log cabin blocks to use up 1 1/2 inch strips.  Started cutting for a quilt a long at guild but I don't think I have enough of the right fabric.  I'm thinking those cut pieces will just hit the scrap system, that's twice now I've decided that! I have plenty of projects with out that one!

It snowed here yesterday, maybe two inches, and is to snow again tomorrow, not that much though.  The roads are clear but slick-depending on road conditions I may be staying home again!  My truck only had rear wheel drive and is horrid when it snows.  Every year I say I'm going to get a new vehicle, but it's paid for so I don't do it.  I'm really glad I do not live in Boston!  8 feet of snow, another big storm to hit there tomorrow and possibly one on the weekend.  Scott, Bri and Ryan are scheduled to fly up on March 3rd-well Scott is driving so they have a car there-I really hope the storms stop before then!  Of course, the thaw will likely cause flooding-such a mess.

Feeling so much better.  I'm starting to find my house bit by bit.  Likely have it mostly clean by this time  next week.  I also got back on the bike (inside) and started doing my stretches and exercises again, gearing up for warmer weather!

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a good yarn said...

You must be pleased to have the baby quilt finished and an empty design wall. Hand quilting is beyond me. Not even 10 000 hours would improve my dreadful attempts. That snow in Boston is mind boggling for an Aussie but my Dad remembers snow like that back in Scotland. Fingers crossed that your family have a safe trip there when the time comes.