Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cross-stitch Wednesday

I've looked and looked through my photos and I can't find a "before" post for Kolby's stocking.  It's really not much of a difference as I haven't made tons of progress since (or still) but I did promise to try and post progress. (There's and ulterior motive there-in order to post I have to actually work on it!)  So here it is now:
Not a great photo, sigh.  I'll try and do better next week.

Also on the stitching front I've finished the binding on Hill Country Spring!  I'll take a photo as soon as I have my bed made up properly for it- I hope that will be tomorrow. 

I have a new quilt up on the design wall/board-whatever.  A baby quilt using some of the Rainbow scrap blocks that I made last year.
Currently the blocks are just pinned up there on the sashing fabric but tomorrow I hope to cut the sashing, borders and binding. To begin stitching the top together Friday (after I set up a table to sew on in the basement/studio-more on that later.)

I'm nearly finished with the redo to the office (formerly the office/studio and very full).  I'll do a reveal as soon as I'm all organized in there.  You would not believe how much stuff I hauled to the basement for the studio!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Weekly Deal

Hi all!  I'm trying for once a week, ugh, probably won't make it.  The big news is all about the knee.  Chiropractor on Wednesday and Friday--hips out of alignment and band on left leg very tight.  He can feel a cyst in the back of the knee--again, sigh.  He will do treatments for the hips and band hoping that relieving the inflammation will help the cyst dissolve. Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 4 weeks. (I don't think he's very hopeful.)  MD on Thursday, the back of my knee is swollen and she acknowledges the fact that I know what I'm talking about! She has ordered an MRI (scheduled for this coming Wednesday.) Probably will end up at orthopedics if confirmed.  Hi! Dr Salin!  I believe that all the riding I've been doing probably caused it and may have been a factor in last years cyst issues, so I'm off the bike until further notice.  I'm willing to try most anything to keep from having that surgery again, it was without doubt the most painful thing I've ever had!

On other fronts, I'm still working on Kolby's stocking, still have Hill Country Spring to  bind (geesh someone should crack a whip over me!)  I had Brayden and Kolby every afternoon last week, it was lovely and cool so we did some outside history places, had Yogurtini and went to the movies.  Between that and the doctors I really didn't have much time at home!

I drove to Columbia to visit Scott and Bri yesterday returned with a sofa for Beth.  Good thing I have a truck!  I ate entirely too much-I'll be afraid to step on the scale in the morning!  But we went out fro Indian food and I never get to have that, SO good!

I'm tired, going to put my legs up and stitch a little while watching the telly!  Something I'll be doing quite a bit this week as it's to get very HOT  and HUMID again.  I hate it.  Somedays I'd just like to sleep until blessed fall!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What have I been up to?

Good question.  Last week I had Brayden here every morning, then drove him to computer camp.  Somewhere in there he learned to watch UTube and hacked his X-Box!  Eekk!  Another geek!
This week I'm picking Brayden and Kolby up at noon from Vacation Bible School and then we're hanging out and making some field trips.

I've been riding my bike still, BUT (and it's a big one) I'm having pain in the back of my knee and up to my hip.  Just like last summer, sigh.  I'm hoping and hoping it isn't a returned cyst!  I have doctor's appointments both tomorrow morning and Thursday morning, hoping I can get an MRI scheduled.  Because of that, I've cut riding back to every other day.:((  I am doing 15 miles now though but it's beginning to look shaky for that 35 miler, for the second year in a row.  The pain is not yet severe so I'm hoping to catch it early, I'll let you know.  On the days I don't ride Quinn and I are walking at least three miles as I still need to get in my 10,000 steps.

I have lost a total of 17 lbs!  Some of my pants no longer need to be unbuttoned to take them off (Some of them barely stay up!)  It's a nice problem to have but summer clothes are nearly gone from the stores, so I'm hoping to make due until fall.  Although if it stays cool like it is now (70F today's high, last nights low was 54F) I won't need to worry about it as jeans will be the clothing of choice and while they are looser they're not to the falling off stage yet! (And are much easier to replace, year round.)

I've been working on Kolby's Christmas stocking every day, making some progress.  I have to show you tomorrow.  Tonight I'll work on that again and trim Hill Country Spring for binding.  Would like to have that sewn on to take to Scott's this weekend and stitch down while we visit.  (I always take something and rarely work on it!)

Wish I was doing something more exciting!  I am enjoying the cool weather while it hangs around!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Yardwork, finished! At least until next weekend.

We've had a bit of a cool down.  Last Monday is was horrid hot, humid and windy.  Terrible combination!  Then we had a cool front come through and the lows were in the 50F's-oh so lovely.  I took the opportunity to get caught up with the yard.  The list of things needing doing seemed to go on forever and I've spent the better part of the past four days getting everything marked off!  I still have a couple of tree limbs that need cut back and one potted plant that wants repotted, and of course now the weeds are beginning to pop up again!  At least now it's just maintaining which is quick, and mowing of course.  I am tired, stiff and sore--really my next house is going to have a hot tub!  This level of activity is more my normal, before knee surgeries, way of life, I'm hoping I can keep going inside now.  Tomorrow is going to be hot, humid and windy again--need to get up early and get the walk and bike ride out of the way!  Well, I'm off the turn the telly on and watch some more "Castle" episodes!