Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Holy cow, I haven't posted in a really long time!

I keep thinking I'll do a post but I never seem to get around to it!

We've been quite busy getting ready for the epic wedding!  Which came off last Saturday without a hitch!  Bride was beautiful, groom handsome, all the attendants lovely, and the ring bearers/sign carriers and flower girl were amazing!  Brayden, 8, and Kolby, 5, carried in a sign which said "Your last chance to run" wearing tuxs and fedoras (just like the groom and best man--that would be my boys, Rob and Scott)-Brayden carried the rings in his pocket for hand-off to Uncle Rob and Kolby took charge of the hats.  Nora, 4, was a perfect flower girl dropping her petals with deliberation and looking adorable in a tea-length white dress.  Much fun was had at the reception, dancing, dancing and more dancing!  Pictures will follow as soon as they are available but Rob and Tanya are in the Dominican Republic on their honeymoon for 10 days-so it'll be a little while.

Other than that-this has been a horrid allergy/asthma season.  A trip to the doctor got me the following:  "Stay inside in the air conditioning, follow the allergy forecast and only go out on green days."  I asked about walking the dog, riding my bike, and gardening--"Well, you might be able to go out very early in the morning," he says.  What about cabin fever (I can get this really bad in summer) advice the same. So in December I might be able to go outside.  That just doesn't fly, here's hoping the triggers wind down! Otherwise I'll really be looking at moving to Montana.

My left foot is till recreating nerve cells.  I really would like for it to get done soon!  With each new set of "Zingers" there is pain in other areas of my foot.  Walking is somewhat interesting--oh wait, I'm not supposed to do that! Or at least not outside.

I've finished "Twisted" and have it on the bed, if you scroll down a couple of posts you can see it as a top.  It looks much the same. Still making hexies.  Next quilting project for the sewing machine is making wonky log cabin blocks from last year's rainbow challenge blocks and quilting them in strips.  Also up is beginning the hand quilting on Hill Country Spring and beginning Steve's Gasket.  Other crafty type things going on are cross-stitch (if I ever make progress on it I'll post about it), doll clothes for Miss Nora, and misc home decor stuff will post on that later as well.

I'm gearing up for interior home repairs, which require moving and or packing up a great deal of stuff.  I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want to--but I do want to put my house on the market so it must be done.  Quite a bit of those things I move out or pack up won't come back out in this house.

The only other thing I'm really doing is working on the "Town of Kansas" book, though not very diligently lately due to the "Epic wedding."

Must go, need to water plants--wait for it--OUTSIDE!  I'm a terrible patient.