Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's getting green!

I noticed today that the tulip trees are blooming, along with the daffodils. The grass has really greened up this past week, in fact I told Quinn I might have to MOW this weekend!  I'm nearly finished with the spring leaves, after filling 20 paper landscape bags!  There's always leaves in the spring as I have oak trees and they don't lose all their leaved in the fall, there are still a few hanging out on the tree, but usually not as many as this year.  That's thanks to the knee thing and not being able to get a proper cleanup done last fall.  Soon I'll be hauling out the tiller to dig up my garden spaces.  Only putting out some lettuce, tomatoes and green beans this year-along with the pots of flowers etc.  As tired as I am of winter, I'm not looking forward to summer--hum, just can't please me I guess.

The same old stuff is going on here, working on the books, volunteering, playing with Quinn, etc.  I've finished the backs for two quilts and one if off to the long-armers, I don't think I'll work on any others until after the wedding.  We have started our walks again and I'm getting Annie out this weekend.  I did notice that the trail was closed here on my end so I may have to go to another entry place.  It's time to start training for the Buffalo Classic in September!

I hope spring has come to your neck of the woods as well, enjoy your day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Spring has finally arrived, I think.  Along with it came the usual thunder, lightening, rain, flood watches and tornado watches--ah, the weather on the great plains!  We really needed the rain, but perhaps not all at once?  Everything is greening up really fast now and I am really wishing I had all the leaves off the flower beds etc.  I did the front last Saturday and the weather hasn't cooperated since for me to do the back and sides, sigh.  I'm hoping for this weekend now.  Soon it will be time to get the gardens in shape and planted--hum where am I going to put the tomatoes this year?

Have finally finished the back for Twisted!  Need to trim the batt down and it will go off to Robin on the 11th.  The back for Hill Country Spring is in the works, will probably finish it tonight and trim the batt for it as well.  It will go to Robin after Twisted comes back as I can't afford to send them both at once.  They are BIG!

I have dresses to alter for the wedding and that is next up after backs, then I'm making doll clothes for Nora's Cabbage Patch Kids!

Still typing like a mad woman on the Town of Kansas.  Still hitting the library every week for newspapers on microfilm.   Really enjoying it, well except for reading court cases those are boring (can't imagine how lawyers do it all the time!)

Now I'm off to clean another room of my house--it's deep cleaning time!  Room by room is the only way I can stand it!  At the end I will still need to wash windows and curtains but that requires some warm sunny days!