Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Cleaning Begins!

I got tired of waiting for spring so I decided to start the big, deep, spring cleaning a few days early!  Crazy person that I am I started with my sewing room/office.  What can I say, I needed to boost of doing something huge.  I think I picked the right place as it's such a tiny space to hold so much stuff (plus I keep trying to get more stuff in there).  It's moving along, coming together, should finish it tomorrow.

Right now I'm going to go find food!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


I, along with most folks around here, are wondering if spring is ever going to show it's face!  There are some signs-the crocus are blooming in all their purple glory, some of the trees show that red haze that occurs just before the leaves pop out, and I noticed this morning that the weeping willow I can see from my kitchen has a green haze (it's always first to leaf out)-BUT snow is in the forecast for tomorrow!  At least we have had no more frigid weather and we did get some much needed rain last night, BUT it is quite windy and too cool to enjoy being outside for long.  Unless, of course, you are Quinn and wearing a nearly water-proof fur coat!

Weather being what it is I'm still suffering from cabin fever.  I have scanned roll after roll of newspapers on microfilm looking for articles written by John Calvin McCoy as well as those written about the others I'm researching.  Then,d I've spent hours and hours typing those articles into my word processor (can't say Word as I have a Mac and use Open Office).  Yesterday, I was reading in 1879 and 1880 Kansas City Journal, there were some articles outside my research I found quite interesting.  First, there were articles about a war being fought in Afganistan, and there was an article on how food was being poisoned-made me think "the more things change the more they stay the same."  Trite but true.  Second, I noticed how much was written about Ireland.  I have a special Ireland shaped place in my heart so I really took notice of that.  Much was written about Parnell and his activities, and the hunger of the Irish people (this was the last Potato famine, and resulted in hunger without the mass deaths of previous famines)-lots of Irish aid societies- there was even one article about O'Connell.

I've also been finishing up the "Twisted" flimsy:
  Sorry about the photo, I haven't a place to spread it out except the guest bed (it's future home).  I'm hoping to get up the courage to cut the back and sew it together tonight--it's hard to cut into an 8yd piece knowing I might have made a mistake in my arithmetic (never my strong suit).  Then when the batting its trimmed down it will be ready to take to Robin, my talented long-armer, to be quilted.  Only the back is needed for Hill Country Spring as well but again having trouble cutting into that fabric!  Soon I hope to have two more finishes for 2014.  I have some nine patches going as leaders and enders, some blocks ready to set-I'm going to try some quilt-as-you go on my machine for those, the hexies but no new projects in quilting!  Of course, I have other projects in other areas too numerous to mention as this post has grown long as it is!

Off to do my exercises, stretch and meditate, then after lunch it's Museum day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day!  I'm missing Ireland so much lately, it's even invading my sleep!  Between Ireland and Montana I'm hopeless! In other news--or not.

I've finished all the rows for Twisted-ugh-now I can begin to put the top together.  I think it's going to be stunning but the instructions are horrid!  Tomorrow, I'll press all the pieces again and begin slowly adding the rows around the center medallion-more like borders really.  Speaking of which, I think it will need a border of black to make it big enough for the bed.  I want to get this one finished and off to the my long armer along with Hill Country Spring--that one's been finished a while waiting for me to make the back and call Robin!  I need to get this out of the way as I have some dresses to alter for the wedding.  It's really outrageous how much they want at the bridal shop to do some really simple alterations!

I'm still typing away on the data for the book.  I'm actually doing two books with this same data, I have been collecting it for the Town book but it would be really cool to have all of McCoy's writings in a separate book.  Just what I need another project!  At least the research is for both.  I'm heading to the library on Wednesday for the day--Quinn is going to camp!  Following that there will be MORE typing!

The weather has been the usual up and down of March although the ups have been really up (80F) and the lows , low (snow).  This week is to continue the trend.  The only part I really hate is the mud. On. Quinn. Ick!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The end of winter?

The calendar says it's March and that should be the end of winter here. Ha!  Later today I'll be clearing 4 inches of snow off my drive.  I am happy that it's only 4 inches as the prediction was for 5-9 inches (boy did they miss that one!)  It is bitterly cold, the last I checked it was zero degrees F with wind chills well below freezing.  The high today isn't to break 20F, our normal high for early March, 50F.  I love winter, it comes right after fall/autumn in the list of seasons for me-fall's the best, summer the worst!  That said, I'm really tired of being cooped up inside!  I was confined all fall with the knee and then winter hit, so can I say "cabin fever!"  I keep telling myself it will soon be nice enough to get Annie (the bike) out and take her for a spin!

I've been working steadily on the book-you'll likely get tired of hearing that!  The current research/biography is centered on John Calvin McCoy whom I have come to admire very much.  I can't say that about all of the others.  It is strange how one can develop an opinion of someone's character when they died in the 1800's!  Most every day I put in several hours on it-I get up every hour or two to do some chores so I don't get too stiff.

I've also been working steadily on "Twisted"  Not spending hours at it but I usually get a few blocks done each evening.  At the end of this week I'm hoping to begin sewing the top together.  I also hope to get the back ready for Hill Country Spring and off to the long-armer.  There are a few new projects I've got on the list for this week as well-likely I won't get them all done but. . . .  I need a fleece cover for my new hottie/hot water bottle--really can not imagine how I've gotten along this far into my life without one! It's so heavenly to put my feet against it, sigh.  I also need a new cover on the heating pad--does it sound like I get cold?  Sometimes, I'm really cold even in the summer-probably need iron!  I also have a zipper to replace in a hoodie, some doll clothes for Nora and a couple of dresses to alter for the big wedding.

Speaking of the wedding, I found my dress yesterday!  There's a big load off!  I found Nora's flower girl dress last weekend and ordered the sash for it yesterday as well.  So only the proper undergarments and shoes left for me!  Oh, and the rehearsal dinner.  We're having a shower for Tanya on Saturday night out at Beth's-that should be fun!

Have to go, time to change the laundry from washer to dryer and fill the washer again!