Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rough week

So last week will go down as a crappy week!  I started out on Monday nearly unable to do my physical therapy as I was out of nerve meds-lost the script bottle, found it Monday night called and ordered it.  Went to pick it up on Tuesday, was to be ready at 2pm I got there at 4:30pm no script-waited for it.  Wednesday was better, nerve meds on board so I could do my exercises.  Thursday, I had a visit with my knee Doc where he hit me with the happy (NOT) news that it will be another 3-6 months before the knee is healed and the nerve stuff over, sigh.  Got new script faxed to the pharmacy for nerve meds as the first was for 1 each day and I was taking 2 each day (so I ran out every two weeks).  Had a bit of a pity party- I really want to be over this NOW!  Friday, pity party still going, I went to pick up the nerve script which they wouldn't fill it because I'd just picked up the other one (even though I was willing to pay for it out of pocket).  This news after I waited a half an hour.  Made the decision then and there to change pharmacies.  Friday night the wind began blowing and it blew in a cough, runny nose, etc.  The wind blew 45-50 mph for two days.  I took asthma and allergy meds and felt ok.  Until yesterday.
These are my constant companion!  I still don't know if this misery is a cold or allergies but I'm so done with it!

Today this happened:
My ironing board won't close up any more.  Can't store it in the closet like this!  I've had it for so many years I can't remember when I bought it.  Guess I need a new one-Walmart here I come.  But before that I think I'll go take my meds and go to bed.  Tomorrow will be better.        I hope.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Under the Needle

I hope this will be a continuing idea!  And that I have something different "Under the Needle" each time!

This is what's under the needle tonight!

Scott's Rhombi!  Working on the black diamonds, stitching in the ditch, on the second row.  As there are only three rows it's going pretty fast, the gray gets more quilting so it will take a bit longer.  This one is getting closer and closer to a finish!  I want it done by the December Quilt Guild meeting so I can show it off then it can go home with Scott and I can get on to the next thing.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Finally, A cold night! A really cold night.

A front has moved in bringing wind, misty rain and MUCH colder air.  I think tonight's low it to be 20F-not extremely cold but cold enough that a mug of hot tea is just the thing!

Today was quilt guild, so many talented ladies!  We had Quilt University, where we went to different places and learned how to do something an easier way or just something new.  My favorite was the demo on piecing circles-using freezer paper, so glad I didn't throw that out! (the freezer paper, that is.) There was also one on "growing" fabric for backing, pretty confusing and I'm not sure if I'll ever use it but it is an interesting idea.

I had to race home after to change for Physical Therapy.  My therapist warned me that there would be bad days-this one was.  A combination of too much activity over the weekend, too much sitting this morning, a major weather change, and the fact that I ran out of nerve pills over the weekend.  Just lying on my stomach caused real pain in that knee.  So now I get to take it easy for a few days, sigh.  And hit the ice again.  I had planned to hit a new (to me) fabric shop after therapy as I need backing material for Hill Country Spring but instead I sat in my chair, ice pack on the knee and took a nap!  Quinn was a Day camp so I took myself out for Mexican, picked her up and now I'm settling in for TV watching and working on Scott's Rhombi.  Hill Country Spring gets folded up until after the first of the year as my long-arm quilter is trying to have a life!  So no more quilts until 2014!  I'll likely have have Twisted done by then as well.  It's not as if I don't have a multitude of things to work on!

On tap for tomorrow, typing at the Historical Society, and cleaning one small, not very dirty room.  Then more stitching, maybe cross stitch.  There will be some stretches, exercises and ice in there as well.  I think those things are in my future for quite some time.  Makes me wonder what knee replacement would be like if a cyst removal causes this much trouble!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Where Do They All Come From?

I think there was a song with that phrase-something about lonely people.  Anyway, that's not what this post is about.  I have been overrun with fruit flies!  I had some a month or so ago got rid of them using the ole vinegar in a coke bottle method and now THEY'RE BACK!  Only in much bigger numbers.  I've been after them with the vacumn cleaner, put all the fruit in the frig, and put out the coke bottle again (that doesn't seem to be very effective this time.)  I'm down to just a few remaining and I'm off to suck up some more!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cross Stitching, again.

I think it's been months since I did a cross-stitch post.  That's because it's been months since I did any cross-stitch!  I was really slow beginning another stocking after finishing Bri's but Kolby's is at least begun. And here it is---

Looks exciting, huh?  Next comes a close up of the design, after 4 tries.

You might notice that my cording is begun in the upper left side not on the upper right, that's because all the other (11) stocking toes point in the other direction so I have to do this one in reverse!  I've done at least the last two this way as well, and have two more after this.  Once you get your "eyes" on it's not too bad but there's always this rough spot at the beginning so it slow going.  

I'm going to see it I can find some telly to watch while I cut and sew borders on Hill Country Spring, then I'll make little x's!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What I'm working on now.

Here's a list of my current "In Progress" doings! Not in any particular order.

Hill Country Spring quilt, only needs borders and a backing made-not tonight maybe tomorrow night as I have a banquet to attend.

Scott's Rhombi-ready for quilting
Twisted ready for sewing
Both of those use black thread so I can work on them at the same time.

Hexie Quilt--a work in slow progress

Kolby's Christmas stocking

The Chest-need to paint and install filets and doors-please all the gods and goddesses, etc this idea works.  Might get a coat of paint on after lunch, or not as the boys are here.

The shelf--just needs hanging, again maybe after lunch

The doll house--more roofing removed

Very long term project-The Town of Kansas research and writing

Then there's always cleaning! And catching up on finances! OMG!

And last but not least physical therapy on the leg.  She's also working on the hips, yak!  The actual doing of it isn't too bad, but I sure am aching!  It's much better in general.  Soon I'll be able to give Quinn a bath, which she seriously needs!

I did get the yard cleaned up and things put away for winter.  I need to trim the roses but they're still blooming!  The only other thing is raking leaves but it will be a little while before that's needed-I'm thinking I'll have help on that this year.

We've had several days of wind and or rain and the some of the trees are looking a bit bare.  Some are beautiful, some are just tuning, some are still green!  The temperatures are really lovely though, so unless it's wet you just want to be outside!  That raises issues with getting that list done!

I've been Montana dreaming for a while now.  I'm seriously thinking I'll put my house up for sale and spend the summer out there.  I do love the Mountains.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Miniature Monday!

Don't look for this to be a regular feature, I think the doll house will be another Work in Slow Progress!  Just like me.

This doll house was made for Beth by my Father and Brother Christmas 1986, she was 7.  I had found the plans in a magazine, back in the 80's magazines would have many possible gifts to make and this doll house was one.  I took it to home builder Dad (really, my Dad and Brothers where big home builders, not just miniature ones!) who bought only the big casters on the base.  Everything else was scraps in the shop.  My youngest brother, Bobby, used some veneer he had left from another project for the shingles!  I looked and looked for a photo of it brand new-I only found three really bad ones, maybe I'll run onto another one.  My Mom ordered a kit to make furniture and worked to get it all made up for Christmas as well.  Beth loved it!  She played and played with the house and the furniture-she added tables from pizza boxes and poker chip plates, lots of imagination used playing with it.  Most of the furniture was broken along the way but what is left will get a makeover and put back into the house.
Now it's pretty sad looking, and Beth has only boys (no interest in doll houses there), so it has come to live at my house.  At some point I may take it to Nora, or not.

So a before photo:
From the front

The Rooms

The shingles.

I've begun removing the shingles which are either stapled on (easy) or glued on (hard) in strips.  I'm going to try and salvage as much as I can for flooring etc.  I've also taken off the pillars as they need replaced.  Once the roof is clean and the rest of the house gets a good cleaning as well I'll get started on the redo, first up electrification!