Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Fun!

I spent today with these three

Ethan, Kolby and Brayden in the corn maze!
(and their Mom-daughter Beth) out at the Louisberg Cider Mill.  We wandered about in the corn maze-I never really had any sense of what direction we were going!  But Kolby found the way out for Ethan and I while Beth and Brayden found another way out!  The big boys bounced on a huge air filled pillow and then we went for a hayride.  Way at the back of the pumpkin patch we got off the wagon to side down a hill.  Here's some pictures:

Beth and Ethan

Brayden, the goof!

Brayden and Ethan!  Ethan is laughing!  Brayden is a super big brother.

After we got tired from all our fun we headed up to the shop to watch them making apple cider, then we had cider donuts, cold apple cider (or root beer)!  All pretty good.  Then we headed back home!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Finishes on Friday

Okay, it's not completely finished.  It still needs quilted and bound but the top is finished!  
This is Scott's Rhombi.  This particular rhombi is a Penrose Tiling, a mathematical construct.  Appropriate since Scott is a mathematician!  It is English paper pieced and will be machine quilted.  I hope to get it sandwiched tonight.

I've been trying, with only moderate success, to get caught up.  Four weeks of sitting around doing only the bare minimum as far as housekeeping and shopping are concerned and I'm left with a long list of to dos!  Shopping is a tiring affair when I feel great,  now, still suffering from much nerve pain,  I can only manage two stores before I'm dead!  All the stores are so big, and the parking lots are so big!  So much walking! I hope to be back to normal by Thanksgiving, sigh. 

I did go back to my volunteer positions last week and will keep going unless it is the same time as physical therapy. The tomato and pepper plants have been pulled and I have the plants inside that I hope to overwinter with a little warm spot made for them.  I need to transplant the lemon and clementine trees and the basil then that will be done.  We got our first hard frost last night and the trees are really changing color now, some of them are really beautiful!  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Edit profile

For Ann and anyone else out there who is wondering.  To edit your profile-1. click on "View My Complete Profile" 2. in the upper right hand corner click on "Edit Profile".  Type what ever you wish then save.  You are finished!  Easy, once you click on the correct Edit profile button!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Never Mind. . .

I figured it out!

Blogger Question?

Does anyone know how to change the text of your profile?  When I try to edit I just get the title, and couple of what to show.  Nora's four now!  I need to make changes!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Still limping along

I went to the knee Doc on Thursday.  He is doubling the meds for the nerve pain and I'm to begin Physical Therapy soon.  I have good days and bad days-sadly I'll have a great day which is followed by two or three bad ones but I think forward progress is being made.  At any rate it is what it is and I haven't any choice but to live with/through it.  I go back to see him in 4 weeks.

The Eye Doc visit on Monday (which left me mostly blind for the rest of the day!) was for my cataracts, which apparently are getting closer to being ready to come off as  I have a new script for glasses.  I'd really like to not have to wear glasses so I'd like for him to say it's time for surgery, maybe next year.

I have done a little sewing this past week, finished off two pillowcases for Nora (oops no photo-think Hello Kitty with pink and black bands).  I sent her quilts, and birthday gifts etc UPS on Wednesday and went to the quilt shop!  (Bought some fat quarters, some greens to see what I like for my hexie quilt.  Now I need to go back and buy some yardage!) Also put two strips of Hill country spring together.  I only need to add 8 or 9 strips and the top will be finished! I have a hard time sitting in a chair without a place for my leg to be straight so it's slow going.  I'd really like to get Twisted finished before I have company at Thanksgiving.

Brayden is here for a short school holiday for teacher/parent conferences and we've been playing a lot of checkers.  After lunch we're going to bake a pie for my Dad, and maybe take it to him.  Have to see how I'm holding up!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Few More Steps ON the Road to Normal

I last used my crutches on Tuesday!  Today I put them away in the closet, hopefully I will never need them again.  Today, I went to the grocery store, I didn't ride around on the little cart and I unloaded all the bags alone!  Most importantly, I didn't need a pain pill when I got home!  I'm doing a little housework and planning some pressing and stitching.  While I still can't do everything I used to (or ride my bike) and I'm still spending time sitting around with my leg up I am making progress.

Monday, October 7, 2013

I've retired my chair!

So in the continuing saga of my personally being a work in slow progress I'm able to walk around the house enough to retire my desk chair!  It has taken it's rightful place in my office/sewing room.  I still use crutches for trips beyond the house and I still spend more time sitting in my nest than I do moving around but some progress has been made.  The doctor said the cyst was the size of a ping pong ball and that he did much pulling and pushing in the joint to get it out and trace the stem down to cauterize it.  Neither of us is especially surprised by the nerve pain, he did prescribe a med to help settle things down.  I also had to go for an ultrasound to rule out blood clots.  I was a very tired girl on Thursday after all that "crutching!"  Saturday morning it was so chilly, and I could finally bend over far enough to put on socks, that I wore real shoes (not flip flops) and I found I could walk much better.  I think full recovery is still weeks away though, darn it.  Tonight I will try sitting at the sewing machine and see how that goes as I'm in withdrawal!

I planted Kale, Broccoli and Cabbage about 3 weeks ago, for grins I've never done any fall planting or grown those three things.  The Broccoli looks peaked, the cabbage is doing quite well but the kale is being eaten up by something.  (I haven't crutched over there to check it out, maybe tomorrow.)  The mums are looking grand though!  Such pretty pops of color in gardens that are mostly done for the year.

I've been making a few hexie flowers and playing around with the Clover Yo-yo makers while sitting but not really accomplishing much.  Reading and napping!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I am a WISP (Work In Slow Progress)!

Three steps forward, two steps back that's the kind of progress I'm making on recovery!  I can take several steps, even stand up straight and take them almost normally, I could take many steps (maybe) but the cost in pain would be pretty high.  Not only the pain during the step but the pain after due to the cranky nerves.  So mostly I get around using crutches or rolling my chair around backwards!  Monday, Tanya took me to the grocery store.  She let me out at the door, I used crutches to get inside and then I rode around on the electric carts they keep for the disabled!  Apparently, it was fairly humorous watching me figure out how to drive the thing!  Always glad to provide entertainment for those around me!  Tanya carried in the groceries for me and I put them away using crutches.  I doubt that I could have done it myself but I probably would have tried.  Rob and Tanya have taken super care of me the past week-mowing the grass, bringing up coke from the frig downstairs and a million small things I would have found it difficult to do alone.  Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment.  I am doing that alone and on crutches.  Should be exciting.

I finished the top of Scott's Rhombi, a penrose tiling, but can't go any farther until I can get the proper batting etc and can sit at the machine table.  Today, I've played around some with the Clover Yo-yo makers.  They are kind of fun but I need a larger one to go with the ones I made today. I have the Extra-small and the small, sure hope they have a medium! Or maybe even a large.

Think I'll find a movie to watch and do some cross stitch.