Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outside my back door!

This is the scene outside my backdoor!

Keep in mind that there is several inches of the last snow remaining!  This one is wet and heavy, sticking to every thing (which is why it looks so pretty.)  The wind is blowing this time as well so that means drifts.  I'm in the bull's eye for 10-12 inches of snow from this storm which is to continue all day today and into tomorrow.  Guess I'll be staying home for the next few days!

Yesterday, knowing that this storm (Weather Channel named it Rocky) was coming I decided I needed some "retail therapy" so I headed out to the Quilt Shop and the grocers.  It's funny but the Quilt shop was as busy as the grocers!  What does that say about we quilters?

I had planned to spend most of this time stitching but my refrigerator decided to go nuts and I've had to take everything to the old frig in the garage!  This morning I finally had to unplug it, sigh.  That means I'll have to clean it, ugh.  This might be my least favorite chore, and this particular frig is a royal pain!  It needs a new circuit board, which has been ordered but won't likely arrive until next week (due to lovely snow.)  This was a higher end model and is only 4 years old, thankfully I purchased an extended warranty for it and it is still covered, but what happens in another 4 years?  Will the part even be available?  I won't be buying the higher end stuff any more!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Waiting for more.

That's right, another BIG snowstorm is heading straight for us!  6-10 inches, although the latest storm tracks put us on the high end of that so maybe 10-12 inches!  The last snow hasn't melted, and the street still has only a single lane of clear road visible.  Ugh, I love snow but this is getting ridiculous.

I've been stitching on the "Secret" and making good progress but I can't show you because it's a secret. I haven't done any cross stitch since before surgery as it's not easy to get everything thing so I can see it here in the living room.  I may try some tonight back in my bedroom, or not.

Today, while watching "Quilt cam" with Bonnie Hunter, I was hand quilting and thinking of my grandmother.  I remember sitting at her quilting frame watching her quilt.  She even let me stitch a bit-I wonder if she pulled it out.  She was known for removing the work of others if it didn't "measure up."  I have a hexigon quilt she made "out on the dairy" during the depression, her quilting friends came to help her quilt it and one of them "had no business quilting."  She ripped it out.  As I stitched I wondered if my stitches would measure up?  I'm still learning, and I'd hate for anyone to look at the back of this one!  I think there are ripples!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


The snow has come!  We're to have snow for the  next 24 hours!  10 inches or more!  All the schools are closed, the courts, some of the cities, churches, everything shut down.  We're even to have "Thunder snow." But not technically a blizzard.  I'm riding the first of it out with Elizabeth, may not get home today either.  That depends on how fast they release Lucas from the hospital today-he had some surgery yesterday which required an overnight stay. When they get home I'll check with my neighbors and see how the roads are there, I only have rear wheel drive on the truck which makes it harder to get around.  Every winter I swear I'm getting a new vehicle before NEXT winter, one with four wheel drive! On top of that, my snow thrower wasn't even turned on last winter and it WOULD NOT start, sigh.  (Note to self, take Hank-the snow thrower-to be serviced before fall.  Hum, also take lawn mower in NOW.)

The boys and I will be hanging out and watching the snow!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Since I've been good and haven't done a great deal of walking around etc on my knee I've added 33 hexies to the hexie box!
That's all the hexies I have cut out and I need to buy more fabric to go along with it before I cut out any more so that is going to be sitting for a while.  I'm thinking of using these as the center of a quilt with others surrounding it.  Still thinking.

The knee continues to improve.  I got so tired of looking at the same walls I took myself out to breakfast yesterday, then to the grocery store for bread and milk.  It didn't seem to bother it.  Today, I've done a bit of laundry, in the basement! and some typing at the table.  I'll do some more stitching after dinner.  I need to begin adding things to get done as my time of loafing about pretending to be hurt are coming to an end.  I have been amazed at the lack of swelling and the lack of pain.  I keep saying-"I thought this was supposed to hurt!"  Guess, I'm lucky, have good genetic material or a super doc! Or maybe all three!

What I'm Reading Tuesday

I'm linking up with Judy L about this book:
I'd really like to be able to pretend that this is a work of fiction, but I know it for truth.  It's an important piece about a subject that I'm passionate about- the lives of women around the world.  I'm very passionate about the education and empowerment of women and girls, especially in 3rd world countries because of the "Girl Effect".  Read it and weep, then help.  I'm a widow on a fixed income but I'm contributing to girl's education in a small financial way, which I hope to be able to expand soon.  Putting my money where my mouth is.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Short update-I'm going bonkers!

Surgery on Wednesday seems to have been successful.  There is very little swelling, and almost no pain.  Much less pain than before.  I am following Doctors orders, drinking lots of fluids, ice, exercises etc and I am already bored out of my mind with sitting in this chair and propping my legs up!  I've made 19 hexie flowers and have about that many more cut out and watched 6 of the 8 Harry Potter movies.  Tomorrow, more of the same.  Oh well, If I'm complaining of boredom I must be getting better.  I promised myself I'd take it totally easy for 1 week- I wonder if I'll make it?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birthdays and Knees

Today is Brayden's birthday party!  He turned 7 on Wednesday but it's hard to get families from far and near together on anything but a weekend so today's the day!  I'm sure he'll get lots of cool stuff and money too.  Beth requested money for short trips and activities which is cool with me and truthfully what I do for them every year-a new hard cover book and a check-they like it.

At the Doctor's on Friday I found out that I had a torn miniscus (who knows how that's really spelled), a cyst, and that it generally looks very beat up in there behind my left kneecap!  I'm scheduled for arthroscopic surgery Wednesday morning bright and early.  I'll be laid up for a little while and then "activity as tolerated"  which I assume to mean much time sitting with ice on an elevated leg with short bursts of activity.  Lots of time for hand work!  Lots of time for reading!  Not too much housework.  So other than the initial pain I think this could be okay.  The right knee will get shot up with cortisone while I'm under as it has nothing seriously wrong, just good old arthur!  It's not promised that it will fix it all but it's hopeful, kind of depends on me.  In a couple of weeks I should be all better.

Anyway, I'm busy preparing for this event by getting everything together.  Stitching, food, movies to watch, books and magazines, pillows, blankets, etc.  I don't want to have to go down the basement  stairs for several days!  I'll be on crutches for a couple of days and a full flight of stairs seems like a challenge I really don't want to undertake!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another little finish and the weekly cross-stich update!

Over the weekend I made this!
A little cushion for the piano bench, so my legs don't stick in the summer when I wear shorts.  It was on the list though so I get to mark it off!  It really doesn't take much to make me happy.

Now for cross stitch.  First, last time- two weeks ago.
And tonight.  I really doesn't look like I made much progress but I think I ripped out as much as I stitched on that raccoon!
He is finished and the buck begun.  Outside of a few stitches here and there when the buck is done I'll be ready for backstitching.  Really getting tired of this one, I think I say that on every stocking!

I have an incomplete report on my knees:  I have a torn meniscus in my left knee, which means orthroscopic surgery, probably soon.  The right one has only arthritis so it will get a shot of cortisone.  I'm in to see the Doc on Friday and I should know more then.  I'll be glad to have all this behind me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I'm Reading-Tuesday

So Judy over at Patchwork Times has a Tuesday link up on what you're reading, so I thought I'd play along.

I nearly always have at least two books going.  I love to read but it can get me in trouble!

I just finished this
A wonderful ending to the Wheel of Time series-I've read all 14 books, most more than once.  My sons and I like to discuss these books and have waited impatiently for each new book to be released. We'll have to find another set of books, this is the last one and Mr Jordan crossed over several years ago, :((.  We can still read Brandon Sanderson's books though and Rob and I like them.  Really great storytellers if you like fantasy.

I'm about half way through this one as well.
This one is a lovely tale about a storyteller, the oral kind, and a boy (who grows up).  The boy is fascinated by the storyteller and tries to find him.  The best part though are the stories the man tells!  Wonderful stories about the history of Ireland!  I am in love with all things Irish!  I have a set of photographs I took in Ireland hanging on my kitchen wall and I look at them several times a day.  

I started another one today, but I can't remember the full title and it's in then other room!  I am insatiably curious and my reading reflects that!  Can't wait for the next J D Robb due out later this month, I've already pre-ordered it!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Another small thing checked off!

The problem:  Quinn eating the cat food.  First I put it on the bench, then Quinn figured out how to get to it.  Then I put it on the table.  I do not like cats on the table!!! I did not like the cat food on the table.  Solution:  repaint one of the school desks white and put it in the corner of the kitchen.  Like This:
We bought four school desks back when the children were in grade school for $1 each (I think) and they have been used for SO many things.  This is just the latest.  I have two that need new tops and that will happen when the weather warms for good.

Anyway, one problem solved.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crazy weather and simple projects

Last week was the crazy weather week!  On Monday we had a record setting high of 74F, on Tuesday it rained-all day.  We desperately need the rain so no complaints there.  On Wednesday it snowed, not a lot but the grass was white.  On Thursday the low was 5F with wind chills even lower.  It has gradually warmed up again but what a ride!

I've been working for the past week or so on some small projects not related to stitching.  I took the sides of the crib and put them to use.  You remember I used the ends to make a headboard for my bed:

So the sides have been reworked as well, the Before:

Then I cut off those pieces that were sticking up:
After a little sanding I took them into the laundry room and spray painted them.  It takes 4 different sprays to get all the sides painted for every coat, they have three coats of paint on them!  Used 7 cans of spray paint!!!
The shorter of the two, with the help of some LARGE command hooks is hanging on the back of my sewing room door
Holding the freshly pressed strips for an Irish chain quilt.  If I can figure it out-strip piecing is new to me.  Hanging them here emptied a project box!  When I want to sew I can lift the rack and all down then pick it up and put it away when I'm finished.  That sewing room is so small I have to use every available space.

The longer piece has been given a hanger via zip ties!
It will hang in the front closet and hold my table cloths.  As soon as the closet is cleaned!  I had planned to hang it in the sewing room and use it for quilt tops awaiting quilting but it's too wide so table cloths it is!  That will empty out another plastic tote!

I have done lots of sewing too but nothing to show.  I forgot the cross-stitch update last week but I'll be back with that on Wednesday!