Saturday, December 8, 2012

Where in the world have I been?

Home!  I can't think why I haven't posted, possibly because I can't think of anything to post!

Really, I've raked a small mountain of leaves.  More this year than usual I think.  The oaks are shedding more of their leaves in the fall when they usually hang on to some of them until spring when the new leaves push them off the tree.  I'm done for now though, it's been two weeks since I raked the front and it still looks ok.  I could mow leaves but I don't think I will.  Poor plants are so confused-I have peonies with buds pushing up through the ground.  The weather just has things messed up.  It is colder today, but we really haven't had a killing frost that hung on for more than a day or two.  It should be colder and wetter.  We are still well below normal in precip for the year.  I'm concerned.  Without serious cold all the bugs will be worse AGAIN next summer, and ticks have been especially bad this fall.  While the warmer winter is nice for my heating bill, if it also means we have another HOT, HOT summer then the cooling bill will more than make up for it.  I don't think I can take another HOT, HOT summer.  I guess it's like the "fiscal cliff", absolutely nothing I can do about it except deal.

I read a great deal, more than I should if I want to get things done!  I just finished up a series by S.M. Stirling called Stories of the Change.  Science Fiction where suddenly machines just simply do not work, nor do guns etc.  They were interesting books full of lots of  sword fights, etc.  But they made me think of what I would do if suddenly the electric grid just went out without warning.  (A good book is one that makes you think "What if.")  Scary idea no electricity (among other things, no electricity means no air conditioning-see above paragraph!)  I've always been interested in learning the old ways of doing things and I've always thought that I'd have NEED of them.  Not just to be frugal but to survive!  Perhaps there are some life-changing ideas in there?

I've done some little sewing-really must get a fire lit under me!  Most things right now are for silly gifts so no photos.  In fact I think I'll head for a comfy chair to stitch, I'm already wearing my comfy pajamas!  Some TV and I'll be good--I think there's a new Hallmark Christmas movie coming on, gotta run!  (need to see it now in case there is a huge event that shuts down the electric grid and I can't see it later!  HA HA!  As if missing it would even occur to me in such an event!)

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