Friday, December 28, 2012


No one understands my concept of "Un-time" but that's what I consider the week between Christmas and New Years.  Too late to lose a 100 lbs or finish most things you wanted to do in 2012 and too early to begin work on 2013.  A time for a bit of planning, sleeping late, eating whenever, stitching and reading.  I love Un-time.  January 1 I'll be up and running but until them it's time to take it slow and easy.

Today, I took Tanya out to "Jared's" to purchase the proper size bracelet.  I gave the girls in Missouri Pandora bracelets and one charm.  I love the one I got for Mother's Day and they had all hinted large that they would like one.  The California girl got a necklace-one she'd apparently put on her list for my son to give her and I beat him to it!  Rob and Tanya gave me another charm for mine.  Green for Ireland, along with a calendar of Irish places.  I do so long to return to Ireland.  They also bought me a smaller crockpot-I don't need the biggest one they make too much any longer as I'm cooking for one!

Kolby and Nora (both three) received castles!  Melissa and Doug make some cute things.  They seem to have been a hit, Kolby was hiding things in the dungeon and Nora had her dinosaurs attacking the castle.  I took a chance here, as neither had it on their wish list but they were just so cute and so designed for creative play I couldn't help myself!

I've been lazy long enough today-wait who am I kidding?  One can never be lazy long enough!  I do want to finish up a smallish project or two in this un-time so I'll think I'll scoot my chair over to the sewing machine and get to it!

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a good yarn said...

Un-time makes sence to me. These days after Christmas always seem to be my most productive but they are punctuated by episodes of down time (usually a nanna nap in the afternoons!)