Saturday, December 29, 2012

The last of the gifts! I promise.

Tonights installment of gifts came from both my oldest brother (Jim and wife Jessie) and Beth, Lucas and the boys and all are for my bicycle, Annie!  A lovely basket, I had hoped it would be large enough for Quinn but I don't think so, a mounted holder for my cell phone, rear view mirror (for safety), biking gloves and really cute pink pompons for my handlebars!  Can't wait for it to warm up enough to deck Annie out!

As for gifts I gave, the boys got boring guy presents!  Rob a drill, Scott a drill press, Lucas a messenger bag, and Steve two parts for his ham radio--See Boring!

I did make some jacket protectors--if anyone wants to keep dust off their suit jackets, winter coats for dark blouses etc, just buy some flour sack tea towels (or similar small towels) and put at buttonhole in the center, then slip a coat hanger through the buttonhole and spread out the towel--nearly instant dust covers! I also made each of the girls here a couple of hot pads--
Just using up scraps and playing around with machine quilting.  Useful, although I did tell Tanya she had to USE them and not save them for posterity.

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a good yarn said...

I didn't know you had a bicycle! Would Quinn be prepared to sit in the basket? I thinkk the presents you bought the boys aren't boring - good useful stuff. I'm sure Tanya will use the hot pads - at least when you are visiting!