Monday, December 31, 2012


You can tell it's early in the snow season by my enthusiasm!  Later on it will be "more snow, ugh" but now it's "Yeah, it's snowing!"  It has snowed off and on all day, a lovely wet snow that will nourish the ground.  Not too cold, just at freezing, an no wind. It didn't stick to the roads but it did stick to every branch and needle of every tree and bush making for a really beautiful sight.  Quinn and I took two walks in the park with the snow falling around us-just gorgeous.  Quinn will probably never lose her excitement over snow!  Tomorrow it may be to cold for a walk until afternoon.

I had planned, sort of, on going to the movies late this afternoon and taking myself out to dinner but I really didn't want to leave home so I had leftover beef stew and I'll be stitching while listening to movies.  I MIGHT stay up until midnight, or not, I'll see.  Quinn will crash about 9 whatever I do.

Today I cut some pieces for little houses, about 30.  I'll quit with these I think, although 365 was the goal I'll be happy with what I have, nearly 100 I think.
I'm going to sew the window units together tonight then do some cross stitch and English paper piecing-hexis and the secret project.  I find these really enjoyable and not at all boring.  This surprises me as I don't really like doing the same block over and over.

Enjoy New Year's Eve but drive safe if you're out and about!  Blessed Be!

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a good yarn said...

Snow! Snow! Come out in the Snow. That was my favourite book as a child. So you see I've had a thing for snow for a long time. Beef stew and a video sounds alright to me. Your little houses are adorable. ann :-)