Friday, November 23, 2012

After Thanksgiving thoughts

While this will likely always be remembered as the year Lucas open a new bottle of Ranch Dressing only to have it "explode" all over his face, clothes, the table AND the living room curtains, the year the always dependable rolls failed miserably, the year we left the green beans in the microwave and Zoe, the golden retriever, stole a piece of turkey off the platter, it was without a doubt a great day.  I was, and am, tired, the cooking isn't so bad the clean up is pretty rough when all I want to do is sit around, chat and drink wine!  That's the downside to using my Mother's bone china-can't put it through the dishwasher.  I know that going in but I still use it!  To have the family gathered in love (And relative peace) is a gift.  Then they all left taking their children and dogs with them and that was a gift as well. "VBS"  I wandered through my house shutting off lights and locking up last night thinking that the finished space in the bedroom improved the day by spreading us out and that made all the work worth it!  Then I walked into my room and found one of my measuring cups lying on the floor by my bed and had to smile!  Brax gets around!

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Deb said...

It's actually great to have things that will be funny to look back on happen. It will be a thanksgiving you will never forget!!