Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flying Time!

It's amazing how quickly the days pass!  And now autumn has arrived!  Hurrah!! My favorite season, followed closely by winter.  I have nearly finished tidying the gardens (only one half of a front garden and the ground bushes left).  I will be working at digging out the corner of the back in the spring still, but that's okay, I can only haul three short loads of dirt up the hill in my lovely wagon then I'm done.  I had to cover the Mums today as we are to have widespread frost tonight!  I was quite chilly at the soccer game today.

Yesterday, a big roll-off waste container was delivered.  Tomorrow is the big deck tear down!  The existing deck is unstable and becoming unsafe so it will all come down and go into the big roll-off container!  Then on the 17th the company will come to put a new one on.  One more thing off the check list.  I've been cleaning the garage (one of my least favorite jobs) as parts of it haven't even been swept in several years.  Some junk from in there will hit the big roll-off container as well.

I've begun my second volunteer position, working in the archives at the Merrill Mattes Research Library, housed in the National Frontier Trails Museum.  I used to work there part time so this really feels like going home!  The director resigned last fall and lots of new and exciting things are going on so I'm excited about going on Monday afternoons.  I still work on Tuesday afternoons at the Jackson County Historical Society typing the accession books into a spreadsheet.  I think I might finish that in my lifetime (or not) but I'm sure there is another project just waiting for me!

On Monday, I'm taking Quinn to Camp Bow Wow for the day and going to the Quilt Guild in Lees Summit, Mo.  I need motivated!

I did work on Bri's sock yesterday and will again tonight.
I'm off to shower the grime of garage cleaning away, then start a load of wash as I'm nearly naked!

On Thursday I fly to San Diego!  To see Steve, Candice and Nora and to be there for Nora's third birthday.  I'm looking forward to it!

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