Saturday, September 1, 2012

Washington Coast Day 12

Sometime in the night I decided that I hadn't come this far to leave without time with the ocean.  I really wanted to see what Quinn would do!  So, after a stop at Target (I think there might be a theme here) for duct tape to hold the window with the broken latch in place and a few other things we left Washington State behind and headed for the town of Seaside, Oregon.  Having been there before I knew there was plenty of access to the beach.  All of Oregon's coast is public but you shouldn't walk across private property to get there so access points are important.  We arrived about 9 or 9:30 quickly found parking and walked to the beach.

Quinn loved it!  Take a look:

Just one of many holes she dug and then stuck her nose into!

The tide was out so there were lost of shells and sand dollars to look at and for Quinn to sniff!

Normally Quinn doesn't mind getting wet but she wasn't crazy about this water with the edge that kept coming closer!  She did get wet up to the knees a few times before she caught on then, just like a little kid, she would run up to the water's edge then crab walk, hop, etc back to escape!  Very funny to watch.

After a couple of hours the beach began to get crowded with people and dogs and the retractable leash got to be a problem (I don't trust her off leash in places she's never been but could run for miles!) so we headed to the truck.  The people on the beach were just a few of the folks in town!  They were driving around and around looking for parking spaces and when we hit the highway it was bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic for several miles in either direction!

I had planned (sort of) to head to Scio, OR next as my great-grandfather is buried there but that would have meant 2 days on two lane roads (slow, slow) and I just didn't have it in me.  (Besides, I'm planning to meet Jim and Joanne in Sisters next year for the Quilt Festival and it's not to far from there.  Oh, I'm flying and renting a car!  Jim wants to go to Scio  as well, I think, since it is his grandfather and he has other family buried there.)  I programmed Sam for HOME and let her lead the way.

We settled in for the night at Pendleton, OR (Yes, home of Pendleton Woolen Mills-no factory outlet, darn it)  Watched night fall on the prairie and horses being trained before we hit the sack.

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Anonymous said...

Oh if we could read what is going through a dog's brain;-) Darn on no outlet for Pendleton. I stole two of Dieter's and he needs some more, as mine are getting a bit thread bare;-)

Keep safe.
blessings, jill