Monday, September 3, 2012

Washington Coast 2012 Day 13

We were up and about early and headed east!  The only Stop we made was at Baker City to revisit the National Oregon Trail Interpretive Center .  Quinn and I had a walk on their paths around the hill.  The Center sits high on a hill and one can see the remains of the Oregon Trail from the top.  It's a very nice center and tells the local and national story quite well.  Actually tells the Independence story better than the Trails Museum here does, I think.  It helps that they had a big helping hand from the Bureau of Land Management, of course.  Like Lewis and Clark, all the trails centers tell the same story and after a while only the manner they each tell the story is interesting.  After purchasing a nice blue and white tea canister, some pencils and more patches (that's a total of 4) we are off again.  Ending the day in Odgen, UT.

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