Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Catch Up!

I've been home a couple, or three weeks now and I've done things like get the side window of the truck replaced (turns out the latch I broke getting in is integrated into the window so fixing it requires a new one!) While I was dealing with the glass folks I bought two pieces of table top glass, this had been on my list for 10 years maybe.  I didn't measure well enough for the one and it's not a great fit but it will protect my soft, pine, Daddy-made, kitchen table from any more dents! Te small one is to protect my Irish linen and lace tablecloth for my bedside table.  I think it took me one whole week to get my body functioning in the correct time zone and that was a blur.  I did contract with someone to finish fencing my yard.  That is proving somewhat of a problem, in spite of numerous calls to the company he has yet to show up.  He has until Friday or I'll look for someone else and get my deposit refunded.

I spent from last Thursday until Monday in Denver helping my brother celebrate his 60th birthday.  His wife Jessie put on a really nice party and I helped set up, decorate etc for that.  Saturday, I met a friend from the last time we lived there (92-93) for lunch and to catch up-that was very nice On Sunday he and the other members of Team Hickam rode in a bike ride to raise scholarship money for CU.  He rode 101 miles!  While he did that I took my rental up to Estes Park.  I feel like I grew up there, spent many summer vacations there and then my parents bought a summer home before they moved there.  I was in college for most of the actual living there but Larry and I were married there.  It's a tourist trap but it's my tourist trap.  Things had changed, yet there are about 10 businesses that have been there forever!  I had lunch at one of the restaurants I worked at during college vacations and talked to the owner-couldn't believe he was still working, he's older than I am.  Then drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and back to Denver.  I enjoyed my trip down memory lane!  We are thinking of organizing a "Family" vacation there next summer-some of the kids have never seen a 14,000ft peak.

I've only picked up a needle about three times since I left for the coast, haven't touched my machine at all.  But the weather is finally cooling off so I'll be back to high energy for the next few months.

I get Brayden and two of his friends off the bus one afternoon a week, continue to volunteer at the Historical Society and will begin volunteering at Brayden's school soon.  Live is getting busier and I am adding more physical activity to the mix.  Will be getting myself a good bike, maybe next year I can ride with Team Hickam (not 100 miles though, one of the shorter ones)!  Heading back into the gym more, getting the yard and gardens in shape-including adding a large vegetable garden and some fruit trees (inspired by Jim and Joanne).  I'll get more sewing done as well since it's getting darker and evenings are my prime stitching time!

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Anonymous said...

That is why I dislike taking long trips. It takes me forever to get back into the swing of things.

We are planning a cross country trip next year though. I have seen nearly this entire country, thanks to the Navy, but Dieter has only seen the world, thanks to the Navy. He states he will humor me and stop at every historical marker along the way. I have a weird thing for historical markers. It kills him that I hate football and have been to the Football Hall of Fame...hehehe. We will do mostly the Navy Lodge thing for my sake, and camp when he needs to fish or whatever.

A small note about your fence. In today's economy you would think a person would love to get a job like that. Crazy that he has not shown up.

blessings, jill